43 Strong Protection Affirmations [They Work Fast]

    These are the most powerful protection affirmations that are made for you to free yourself from everything that might hold you back. Do you want to feel like a protected human being? Are you trying to take over all the negative things and live your life freely? Have you ever feel that there is a thing that is sheltering you all the time and standing at your back?

    This is what you call as protection from nature, protection from your higher self, protection from the divine, and protection of your thoughts and energy. If you are feeling this, then you are very lucky because this is one of the best feelings in this world.

    But the question arises, how you will feel and get that all? It is very simple because I have some positive and powerful affirmations for you that are based on the protection.

    You just have to repeat them and read them daily. Through them, you will be able to get rid of all the negative things that are affecting your days and your life.

    43 Strong and Powerful Protection Affirmations

    Here is a list for you, read it with a deep breath:

    1. I am protected by the great powers of nature and divine.
    2. I am in a shelter that is keeping me safe from all the negative things.
    3. I am saving my positive energy for the best use in my future.
    4. I am protected and guided by my higher self.
    5. I am surrounded by the peace and love that keep me safe.
    6. I am letting go of all the unwanted and dangerous things from my life.
    7. I am attracting calmness and peace day by day in myself.
    8. I am keeping my surroundings and my family safe.
    9. I am speaking all my life to my family.
    10. I am so grateful because I can speak my life to my work.
    11. This universe is listening to me and all the stories.
    12. I am not allowing any negativity to enter in my life or to interfere with any of my plans.
    13. I am not allowing my past to have and influence on my future and present.
    14. I am so grateful because I am surrounded by the best people.
    15. Everyone is supporting me to see the best out of me.
    16. I am stepping up the ladder without any fear because I am protected.
    17. I am giving protection to my work, my life, and my family.
    18. I am changing the darkness of the world into the light.
    19. I am making myself and my life bright day by day.
    20. I am so grateful for having a safe shelter and a roof on my head.
    21. This world is so calm and peaceful because it is full of love.
    22. I am not choosing negativity no at any cost.
    23. Positivity is leading me to live a happy and calm life.
    24. I am feeling protected by my high self everywhere I go.
    25. I am spending my energy to bring beautiful things into my life.
    26. I can see my dreams and wishes coming into reality in my life.
    27. I am so grateful to know that my career and my future are protected.
    28. I am setting my limitation and boundaries in this world.
    29. I am choosing all pure and healthy relationships in my life.
    30. I am speaking peace and calmness with everyone I am meeting today.
    31. I am the source of peace and love in this world.
    32. I am spending my time and my life to make everyone feel protected.
    33. I am allowing myself to change and relax my mind when any negative thoughts come.
    34. I am choosing faith and confidence over fear and anger.
    35. I am intentionally choosing which type of energy I have to radiate.
    36. I am opening myself to reactive all the good in this world.
    37. I am receiving and absorbing all the gifts, that God is giving me.
    38. My mind, body, and soul are at peace.
    39. Every cell in my body is protected by my higher self.
    40. I am taking all the steps under the protection of God.
    41. This world is leading me to my destination under protection.
    42. I am comfortable in this shelter.
    43. I am only focusing on the things that are adding value to my life.

    Conclusion: Protection Affirmations

    You have read all these affirmations and you are feeling better now. Why don’t you make them the best part of your daily routine? These will help you to protect your energy. It will help you to live a free life and you will be protected from all the evil and negative things. You will be protected by the higher self. So what are you waiting for?

    Grab a pen and paper. Note down your favorite affirmations and start reading them daily.

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    Hopefully, you enjoyed these protection affirmations that were made for you. Please share them on your favorite social media down below.

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