35 Powerful Godly Affirmations That Work Fast

Have you ever think how thoughts can influence your life? Have you ever feel that you are the best creature? Have you ever try to live your life on the positive words of the Bible? Godly affirmations are the affirmations in which you repeat and say all the positive words that God has said for you.

You will be able to know about your value that is presented in the book. You will get to know about your objectives of the creation. Once you feel this and get to know about this, you will be able to see a perfect change in yourself and your life.

I have some Godly affirmations for you to get to know more about your creation and your value. You need to do this. All you need to do is to read and repeat all these affirmations daily and make them a part of your life.

This is just a holy way through which you can improve yourself and change your view that how you see different things and what your perspective about these things. So let us get started:

35 powerful Godly affirmations

Here is a list of some biblical affirmations for you:

  1. I am so grateful for being the daughter of the king.
  2. I am the best creation of the creator because I am perfect.
  3. I am always motivating myself and not stopping myself from going forward.
  4. I am so worthy because I am made so remarkably.
  5. I am very hard to find because I am better and worthy than the rubies.
  6. I am created completely from my mother’s womb.
  7. I am worshiping the divine perfectly because I am an amazing creation.
  8. I am forgiving myself and I am not the one who used to be.
  9. I am courageous and open to do all the great things.
  10. I am praying for myself and my every step.
  11. I am so grateful because all my words and prayers are being heard by the divine.
  12. I am getting all in return which I asked in my prayers because I deserve that.
  13. I am living my every single moment for God, not for any human being.
  14. I am doing all the good and positive things for God.
  15. I am not blank in this world because God is guiding me for the best.
  16. I am so grateful because I am getting all the signs and lights of the paths from God.
  17. I am asking and believing all the miracles that God is doing for me.
  18. I am getting the light of Christ and I am radiating that light everywhere I go.
  19. God has some special blessings for me and He is giving me all the blessings.
  20. I am being sheltered by the wings of God and I am feeling safe.
  21. I am being protected by the high powers and I am so safe and perfect.
  22. I am not depending on what I am thinking because God’s wisdom is great.
  23. I am getting love, respect, joy, kindness, goodness, and self-control from the King.
  24. God is keeping me safe from all the negative things in this world.
  25. No matter how bad the times come, I am always protected by God.
  26. I am feeling that God is always with me and presented me with all the good.
  27. God is not punishing me rather He is telling me all the good and bad sides.
  28. I am very patient and thankful for everything to God.
  29. I am filling my future with light and health with the help of God.
  30. I am having all the things that I need to make my life flourished and better.
  31. I am letting go of all the worldly fears because these are not created for me.
  32. I can remain calm and peaceful and it helps me to understand things.
  33. I am becoming strong day by day because it is the way I was made.
  34. God has many good plans and things for me.
  35. I am a lot more than this and I am feeling this.

Conclusion: Godly affirmations

This is just a part of your life. Everything matters like what you see and how you respond about everything in this world. You have to focus on everything.

This is the time for you and starts working from now. There is a lot more that is waiting for you to get. Through these affirmations, you will have the help of God everywhere you go, and everything you do.

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