44 Powerful Universe Affirmations Made For You

Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to connect yourself with the universe, that’s why we made these universe affirmations. You are doing all the great things in your life. You are doing a great job, supporting a beautiful family, and living the best of your life.

Have you ever feel that this universe has something for you? Do you ask the universe for many things? Are you going to be grateful to this world for all the good you have?

Have you ever feel yourself full of positivity and productivity, when you wake up in the morning? if you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because today I am going to show you a brilliant thing.

If anything happens bad in your life, you only think if the universe is not with you. But you are wrong at some times because this universe wants to see you as a successful human being and it making all the good only for you. To feel that, I have some affirmations for you.

These are the words that will help you to tell and demand to the universe what you want and what you feel in your life.

44 strong affirmations about the universe

Here is a list for you that has all the useful affirmations for you:

  1. I am communicating with the universe very easily.
  2. I am so grateful to know that I fit the best in this universe.
  3. This world is offering all the chances and opportunities day by day.
  4. I am accepting the way I am loving in this world.
  5. This universe has all the positive energy and love for me.
  6. I am accepting energy and love from the universe right now.
  7. The world is making all my days and my every moment.
  8. I am getting the signs and rays from the world to do all the good.
  9. The universe is bringing me success and wealth very easily.
  10. I am sending and spreading love and positivity in this universe.
  11. I am so worthy that I am the best part of this world.
  12. I am so worthy that this universe is working for me.
  13. I am so grateful because I am getting all the good in this world.
  14. The universe knows about my requests and it is giving me all the things.
  15. I am deserving to live the best of my life in this world.
  16. I am getting positive energy that is good for the universe.
  17. This world is getting many blessings from the divine.
  18. I am believing in myself and this great universe.
  19. I am controlling my universe because I am deserving of this.
  20. I am unlocking all the doors of love and wealth in this world.
  21. I am transforming into a better human being in this universe.
  22. I am releasing all the negativity and stress in this world.
  23. I am so grateful because I am getting all the support from this world.
  24. I am letting go of all the worldly and useless fears.
  25. I am letting go of all the limitations and barriers in this universe.
  26. I am feeling so comfortable under the sky in this universe.
  27. I am feeling safe and in a shelter in this universe.
  28. This is my home and I am loving it.
  29. I am making this universe better day by day through my skills.
  30. I am radiating and sending out positive vibes in this world.
  31. I am feeling myself at the top of the world right now.
  32. I am so grateful for being a superior and dominant creature in this world.
  33. This world is helping me to bring out the best of me.
  34. This world has everything which I need to move forward.
  35. I am attracting healthy things present in this universe.
  36. I am thinking of positivity about myself and the universe.
  37. I am loving the environment around me because it is great.
  38. This universe wants me to get success and to be happy.
  39. The sun rays are filling me with positive and peaceful energy in this world.
  40. I am speaking well with the universe.
  41. I am so grateful because the universe is understanding all my needs.
  42. I am flying beyond the sky in the universe.
  43. This universe is giving me happiness and joy every day.
  44. This universe is giving me my favorite and beloved ones in my life.

Conclusion: Universe affirmations

You have read all the affirmations and I know you are feeling much better now. You have now a different mind to think about things and a different eye to see things. So, you have to focus on yourself and your surroundings.

Just focus on the good and positive things and let go of all the negative things. Just ignore them and you will not see them ever in your life again.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed these powerful Universe Affirmations that were made for you. Share them on your favorite social media down below if you found them helpful.

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