45 Positive Mindfulness Affirmations Made For You

    You can choose these simple practices for more balance, health, and love in your life. These mindfulness affirmations are made for you,

    Are you trying to make yourself calm and peaceful? Have you ever feel that you are free from all the anxieties and tensions?  Do you want to tell your mind and feel that you are okay?

    If you have any of these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I have all the answers to your question and I will also help you to find these answers by yourself too.

    So, I am going to show you some powerful and strong affirmations through which you will be able to tell your mind about your intentions that what do you want.

    You will ask your mind to reduce all the tensions and live in the present moment. This is one of the best feelings in the world, if you do so, you will be able to get this feeling.

    These are the magical words and once you start believing in them, everyone around you will also start believing in you.  So, take a deep breath and open your mind to absorb these words.

    45 strong and positive mindfulness affirmations

    Here is a list for you that has all the affirmations that you need:

    1. I am so worthy I am making and living in the moment.
    2. I am free from all the pressures and burdens in my life.
    3. I am not letting anything negative to enter in my life.
    4. I am letting go of all the things that hurt me in my past.
    5. I am making my future peaceful and bright.
    6. I am so grateful because everything is on a line and there is nothing to worry about.
    7. I am controlling my thoughts and emotions.
    8. I am so worthy to control what I have to think.
    9. I am refraining myself to get any tension or stress.
    10. I am only thinking of good and positive things about myself.
    11. I am only focusing on the positive and bright side of the story.
    12. I am having the power to change what I good for me.
    13. I am not running now for everyone who is not serving me.
    14. I am facing all the challenges and going closer to my goals.
    15. I am mindful and knowing my space and distance.
    16. I am giving myself energy and the potential to live in the moment.
    17. I am so grateful for my existence.
    18. I am enjoying every single moment of my beautiful life.
    19. I am creating my world and living in that.
    20. I am not listening to anyone and living my life as the way I want to live.
    21. I am making my moments full of fun and joy.
    22. I can let go of all the fears and failures.
    23. I am not allowing my past to have any influence on my present.
    24. My present and future are different from my past.
    25. I am choosing to replace all the negativity with positivity.
    26. I am choosing love and peace over tensions and stress.
    27. I am so worthy to make my mind calm.
    28. My mind is getting the energy full of calmness and peacefulness.
    29. I am making priorities in my life in which happiness is on the top.
    30. I am not giving up on myself to be happy now.
    31. I am creating joy and happiness in my life.
    32. I am so grateful for being free and independent of anyone.
    33. I am not dependent on anyone to make me happy or make me feel relaxed.
    34. I am not reflecting my thoughts in me.
    35. I am understanding that this time will be passed very soon.
    36. This moment is perfect for me because it is giving me everything.
    37. I am generating my thoughts and views about myself.
    38. I am not allowing anyone to say a word about me.
    39. I am not stuffing my head with the things that I am not understanding.
    40. Every moment is giving me chances and opportunities.
    41. I am turning closer to myself and my thoughts day by day.
    42. I am feeling that nothing is impossible for me.
    43. Happiness and joy are coming easily to me.
    44. The more I see myself, the more I am finding happiness in me.
    45. Stress and anxieties have no place in my life now.

    Conclusion: Mindfulness affirmations

    I know how it feels like when you are stressed and your mind is not thinking anything positive about your life. But, you have the keys to your mind and your life and you have all the control to enter and exit things in your life. Only you can do this.

    These words are everything that you need to do this. So, grab a pen and paper, pick out your favorite affirmations from the list, and start working from now!

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    Hopefully, you loved these mindfulness affirmations that were done for you. If you did enjoy them, please share them on your favorite social media down below.

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