120 Affirmations for Self-Esteem [The Best Ones That Work]

    These Affirmations for self-esteem are very important in every field of life because it enables you to go forward without fear and you do not need any external help. It will increase your confidence. You will feel yourself complete if you have self-esteem.

    Your mind also needs some fuel as your body needs. To give fuel to your mind, you have to improve it and think beautifully and positively.

    The answer to the question that ”How to build self-esteem in yourself?” is affirmations. These are the special words and phrases which help you to live a happier and stronger life.

    These Affirmations for self-esteem will help you to get rid of all the negative thoughts and fill your life with love, peace, and positivity.

    These will help you to change your thinking from ”I will, what if” to ”I have to and I should”. These are required to make your will power and decision power strong.

    120 Affirmations for Self-Esteem:

    Here are some affirmations that will help you with everything you want.

    1. I enjoy what I am doing.
    2. I have the power to attract everyone towards me.
    3. I am unique and complete in every aspect.
    4. I can do everything which others cannot do.
    5. I am specially created for positive tasks.
    6. I attract positivity and love towards me.
    7. My arms, mind, and heart are open to get and receive all the good in this world.
    8. Life is giving me everything I desire.
    9. I find fun and charm in everything.
    10. I am successful and living a prosperous life.
    11. People come easily towards me and I attract them.
    12. I am the reflection of positivity and love for everyone.
    13. People take and act on my advice.
    14. I am a good listener and a good speaker.
    15. I do not let negativity to rule my life.
    16. I never quit and I always run towards my destination.
    17. I am loved and respected by everyone I meet.
    18. People are grateful because I am part of their life.
    19. I always allow a positive and peaceful change in myself.
    20. I do not hurt anyone, I always spread happiness.
    21. I live my life and do any kind of work without any fear.
    22. Fear has no place in my life.
    23. I trust my inner voice and my higher self.
    24. I know what I say and what I act.
    25. My actions and words are always based on positivity.
    26. Daily, I observe many new and beautiful qualities in myself.
    27. I have a quality that I can make myself adjustable in everything.
    28. I love myself because I help people.
    29. I always change tears into a smile.
    30. I always forgive and let go of all the pain.
    31. People always see the best in me.
    32. Everyone around me helps me to take out the best in me.
    33. I choose the way I have to live.
    34. I have strong decision power and will power.
    35. I can start or quit any work on my own.
    36. I am the winner of my league.
    37. I always seek motivation and courage from every single thing.
    38. I make me every day worth living.
    39. I smell positivity, love, and success around me.
    40. Everything us leaving a good impact on me.
    41. All the hardships I faced in my past are now giving me fruits.
    42. I am an august and dignified person.
    43. I am a man of great self-esteem.
    44. I always feel great about myself and my life.
    45. I make my every moment so beautiful.
    46. With every step, I open the gates of opportunities for me.
    47. I have great skills and abilities which no one has.
    48. I have a great tolerance level and I can face every hardship.
    49. Every opportunity helps me to grow more positively.
    50. I absorb and learn all the positive things from my surroundings.
    51. My mistakes and failures are my biggest lessons.
    52. I can fly higher without any limitations.
    53. I have the quality to make myself up to the mark.
    54. I inhale motivation and determination and exhale all the barriers and fears.
    55. My words show who I am.
    56. I speak what I think. There is not any difference between my words and actions.
    57. I am surrounded by people who want to see me in a better place.
    58. I am sophisticated and cultured.
    59. I know my traditions and culture and I act accordingly to them.
    60. I give all the love and respect which I receive from other people.
    61. I have all the information and energy which I need to get success.
    62. I am the source of success in this world.
    63. I am the ideal and role model for many people.
    64. People follow me on my path that is leading towards prosperity.
    65. Great ideas run in my mind.
    66. I give value to my views and decisions.
    67. People give value to every single word.
    68. I act confidently towards my decisions and make them possible.
    69. I always change all my dreams into realities.
    70. I have a belief in myself and faith in my fate
    71. My powers are leading me to great success.
    72. I have a pure heart that is why people love me.
    73. I am flexible and fit into everyone’s company.
    74. People want to meet me and talk with me.
    75. I am so worthy to get self-confidence and self-esteem.
    76. I am enough for myself.
    77. This world has something special for me.
    78. I can change the map of this word.
    79. I am the biggest example of love and joy.
    80. I feel excited about every task.
    81. I am very obedient and always looking for my good.
    82. I am doing great and keeping in view all the knowledge and experiences I gained so far in my life.
    83. I am an adventurous person.
    84. I always test my capability and abilities.
    85. I never feel myself down because I always cheer myself.
    86. I can solve all the problems just by the click of my mind.
    87. Every organ is perfect and working for my improvement.
    88. I respect and love everyone and it is so easy.
    89. I believe that my objective in this world is so great.
    90. I love all the experiences and I learn a lot of things from them.
    91. I always create my life on my own.
    92. I have the power to construct and improve myself.
    93. I feel never empty because I am surrounded by abundance.
    94. Everything is running so smoothly in my life.
    95. Success is always here for me.
    96. I just think about the opportunity and it comes to me.
    97. My mistakes and flaws provide me with a path to success.
    98. I am a lovely person and always looking forward to meeting new people and make new relations.
    99. I appreciate all the things and everyone I have in my life.
    100. I make my life full of fun and excitement because I have a lot of things to do.
    101. I extract the productivity from every single second.
    102. My life rewards me for all the good I do.
    103. I have a great life and I am giving my best to it.
    104. I have deep roots that not even any storm can hurt me.
    105. My flaws and mistakes have not anything to do in my present.
    106. I learned a lot of new things from my past and it made me an improved person.
    107. I am perfect so no one can compete with me.
    108. I am unique and complete
    109. I have the best human nature that is an example for others.
    110. People reward me because I serve them in a good way.
    111. I always follow what is in my mind and it always takes me towards success and happiness.
    112. I respect myself so others also do.
    113. This universe shows me thousands of chances daily and I avail the best from them.
    114. I have a great pickup power and I receive things so quickly.
    115. I am the best in every field of life.
    116. I think well about myself when I go to bed every night.
    117. I feel special when I am around the people.
    118. Everyone gives me compliments about everything I do and say.
    119. I am always available for the people around me.
    120. I always choose happiness and do not look at the circumstances.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for Self-Esteem

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    To get benefits from these affirmations, you have to remind them every day when you wake up or when you are going to sleep. When you follow them, you will always feel a winner. Scientific research has been shown that hearing to the same words and revising positive words have a great influence on you.

    Select your favorite affirmations for self-esteem from the above and start working on them. You can walk with yourself with the help of these affirmations.

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