35 Positive Affirmations for Healing [The Best Ones]

    These are some of the most positive affirmations for healing to help you overcome any issues you may have experienced in your life.

    Life is a long journey. As we grow up we meet so many people. Our lives are connected. Some people become an essential part of our life, others come and go. Some give us happy and cheerful memories others might give us wounds and pain. But the right ones stay with us throughout.

    You might come across some people who do not respect your feelings. You might be loyal and loving towards them but they will always betray you. No matter what you do for them.

    When such bad experiences happen, it’s not easy to forget about the pain, betrayal, and bad memories. You are unable to forgive yourself and the others around you. You might not be able to trust others for a while. As the past experiences have deep wounds that you carry.

    In such a situation the only person that can help you is yourself. You have to take the initiative to forget about the past and move on. One thing that can help you in strengthening your will power is positive affirmations for healing.

    Affirmations are statements that convince your mind about a fundamental truth. They penetrate deep into your mind thus helping you to recover from bad experience and live a happy and cheerful life.

    Positive affirmations for healing:

    1. I am healing, I am rediscovering myself and I am starting over again.
    2. I will not allow worry to overcome my inner peace and won’t let stress to break me. I will try hard and I am not going to quit.
    3. I love the person I am now because I fought hard to become her.
    4. I know I can do anything I set my mind to; I have the passion, courage, and creativity.
    5. I allow myself to take small steps further in life. These will help me to fill my life as I live it.
    6. I believe that someone somewhere out there needs the exact things that I have to offer.
    7. I allow myself to transform all my pain into a river of love and affections.
    8. I allow myself to enjoy all the beauty and glory that a new beginning brings.
    9. I have decided to live each moment of my life happily.
    10. I believe that everything around me is either an act of love or a call for love.
    11. I allow myself to inhale all the positive energy and exhale out all the negative emotions and fears.
    12. I will stop worrying about all the things that are not in my control. Instead, I will focus on the things that I am doing and will do them right.
    13. I will think of all the possible solutions to the problems that come to me and solve them calmly without fear.
    14. I allow myself to let go of all the things that happened in the past. Life can start over again.
    15. Today I can start all over again a new life filled with opportunities, love, and happiness. I believe that life is now happening to me.
    16. I have got all the abilities that are needed to succeed.
    17. I believe that I have so many special things that I can offer to the people around me.
    18. I free myself from living in the past and let go of all the negative emotions.
    19. I forgive all those who did wrong to me just because it is necessary for my healing.
    20. I have decided that I will do my very best for the rest of my life.
    21. I am not afraid of failure, I accept the challenges that come my way with courage and learn through my experiences.
    22. Today I am letting go of all the excuses and reasons that are hurdles in my way to not love myself.
    23. Today I believe that I am the only person who is responsible for my happiness. When it comes to taking care of myself. I ask permission from my heart.
    24. I am beautiful, unique, and special in my way.
    25. Today I forgive myself and as I do so it will be easier to forgive others too.
    26. Today I open my arms to receive all the good and love the universe wants to bless me with.
    27. I have all the strength and confidence to transform negative situations into positive ones, hurdles into opportunities, and ordinary situations into unforgettable moments.
    28. New life new opportunities and new love is calling me, I must take the step forward.
    29. I am willing to see things differently.
    30. I am ready to release all the unhealthy stories I have created about myself.
    31. The love I have for myself grows stronger and stronger each day.
    32. Today I have this infinite energy that flows through all my body healing all the organs of my body and also healing my mind and soul.
    33. I am healing my negative thoughts and allow them to wash away effortlessly.
    34. Today I am planting a seed of unconditional love in my heart. As this seed grows it will help me to love and receive love. I will nourish this plant with affection, trust, and honesty.
    35. I will start appreciating and noticing all the good things in people around me.

    Conclusion: Positive Affirmations for Healing

    If you want these affirmations to help you heel, consistency is the key. You will have to constantly repeat or listen to these affirmations to help you change the way you think and gain a positive attitude toward life.

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    Hopefully, these positive affirmations for healing were very helpful to you to help you overcome anything you may go through.

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