32 Marriage Affirmations For Couples [The Best Ones]

    Marriage affirmations are simple yet very powerful statements that have a great impact on your conscious and subconscious mind.  They help you to replace the negative thoughts, emotions, and doubts that keep on troubling your mind and heart. Positive daily affirmations are a tool to reprogram your subconscious mind.

    Think about anything that you do in your daily routine. If you start it with a positive mindset you are more likely to succeed. On the other hand, if you do anything with a negative mindset, things usually mess up.

    Marriage is a contract that brings two people to spend their life with one another. Sometimes partners are alike sometimes they are opposite of each other. Sometimes they like each other’s habits and sometimes they don’t. At times you come to know that your spouse has that habit that you have hated your entire life.

    It does not mean that couples start fighting or start to hate each other. The key to a successful marriage is to understand the fact that your spouse is also a human being. As you are not perfect in many ways how can you expect your spouse to be perfect? Unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance make a marriage work successfully.

    Marriage affirmations are important to make your relationship strong. These positive daily messages remind you how much your spouse and your marriage is important to you. Only the couples who are having hard times in their marriage life don’t need to try affirmations. But every couple should try them as they help you build a better and strong relationship.

    Now the question arises on how to use these marriage affirmations in such busy schedules? The answer is quite simple.

    You can write them down in any of the notebooks that you use daily. Now, as it is the era of technology, you can record them in a CD and put it in your car and listen to them while driving. And the most convenient way is to record them in your cell phone and you can listen to them anywhere you want when you are free.

    Some of the best and most positive marriage affirmations are below:

    1. I am in deep love with my spouse and my spouse loves me in the same way.
    2. God has blessed me with such an adorable person in my life and I am thankful to him for his blessing.
    3. I am blessed to share my life with such an amazing person.
    4. My marriage and my spouse are my priority.
    5. I believe in the strength of my marriage and the bond we both share.
    6. I am willing to spend my entire life with the most wonderful person in the world.
    7. I am entirely devoted to my spouse.
    8. I trust my spouse without any doubts.
    9. I appreciate everything that my spouse does for me.
    10. I keep a record of all the things that make my spouse happy and cheerful. I try to do all such things occasionally to make my spouse feel special.
    11. I will handle all the challenges that come in our way with patience and wisdom.
    12. I will allow my spouse to be my partner in making important decisions.
    13. I respect the individuality of my partner.
    14. I will always stand by my spouse whenever he/she needs me.
    15. I respect and appreciate the way my spouse is. And I will never want him/her to change.
    16. I believe that there are always bad days in a relationship. But I will take the initiative to resolve the matter peacefully.
    17. I let go of all the things that have passed. I believe that we can start over again.
    18. Together we are stronger and we can face challenges in life.
    19. Communication is the most important way to resolve things. I will be open to communication.
    20. I will always listen to whatever my spouse has to say to me.
    21. I will always encourage my spouse to let me know about my mistakes so that I can rectify them.
    22. I will never say bad words to my spouse no matter how angry I am.
    23. I will stay loyal to my spouse throughout my life.
    24. I believe that no one in the world can take the place of my spouse.
    25. Today I take full responsibility for my marriage and my spouse.
    26. I will always take out time for my spouse so that we can spend quality time together.
    27. My relationship with my spouse is free of guilt and negative emotions.
    28. I will take care of my spouse throughout my life as he/she is my responsibility.
    29. I will always look for possible ways that can improve my relationship.
    30. My spouse is my best friend.
    31. I feel very comfortable and relaxed when I am with my spouse.
    32. I believe that my spouse and I will become the best parents in the world.

    Conclusion: Marriage affirmations

    Positive marriage affirmations are a great help in making your relationship strong. If you have a troubled marriage or you are struggling with your relationship. You must try them. They are a great help, and if you have a happy relationship, they can help you improve it more.

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    Hopefully, these affirmations were helpful for you to have a better marriage with your partner. Please share them on your favorite social media down below.

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