43 Positive Affirmations for Couples [Live Happier]

    These are the most positive affirmations for couples. Yes, love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you fell in love with a person, you feel like the whole world around you has changed. All of a sudden one person becomes the center of your attention.

    You feel that your heart and soul are connected to that person. You are willing to do anything that makes your loved one happy and close to you.

    No matter how much compatible the couple is how much they are deeply in love with one another. After some time the fantasy world vanishes.

    Initially, when you start a relationship you see only the qualities of your partner. When time passes, and you spend more time with one another, you start to explore the dark sides of each other’s personality. This is where the problems and misunderstandings start.

    If you want to maintain a deep and loving relationship with your loved one positive affirmation can be a great help. When you focus on the negative aspects of your partner, the relationship becomes sour.

    In turn, your partner also starts finding your flaws. Positive daily affirmations can help you become more grateful towards your partner. Your life will be filled with love and compassion rather than complaints and regrets.

    Here are some of the positive affirmations for couples:

    1. I am open to love.

    2. I am ready to love my partner with all my heart and soul.

    3. I am attracted to my partner.

    4. My partner completes me. I am nothing without him/her.

    5. My partner is loving, kind, and intelligent.

    6. Today I feel that being deeply in love with someone gives you strength. And being loved by someone gives you courage.

    7. Today I let go of the past and the negative feelings and emotions attached to it.

    8. I feel that if my partner is by my side, I can tackle any problem or difficulty that comes into my life.

    9. My relationship with my partner is my priority.

    10. I will treat my partner the way I want to be treated.

    11. Rather than focusing on negative thoughts, I want to spend my energy on loving my partner.

    12. From now onwards I will only focus on the positive aspects of everything.

    13. My day is incomplete without talking to my partner.

    14. No one in this world is perfect. Even I am not perfect. So how can I demand perfection from my partner?

    15. I have some habits that might be annoying for my partner. But if he/she can continue to love me the way I am, why can’t I?

    16. There is nothing in this world that can make me stop loving my partner.

    17. My partner is the greatest blessing that God has given me.

    18. I confess that I am not a perfect person, so I take responsibility for all my wrongdoings.

    19. I will try my best that I don’t hurt my parter’s feelings in the future.

    20. I will try to solve our problems wisely without conflict.

    21. I want my partner to be happy. I will do anything to bring happiness to our life.

    22. My partner is also a human being. He/she also has feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I will never hurt them.

    23. I will always respect my partner’s point of view and will try to understand it.

    24. Today I feel that I might not be right all the time and should not impose my thinking onto my partner.

    25. I will give my partner permission to make his/her own choices.

    26. I deserve to be loved and respected, so does my partner.

    27. I will always be there for my partner whenever he/she needs me.

    28. I will always take out time to listen to all the things my partner wants to say. I will never neglect him/her.

    29. I respect and appreciate our differences.

    30. I will always peacefully resolve the issues and will not hold grudges against each other.

    31. I will try my best to come up to my partner’s expectations.

    32. I will always admire and appreciate the acts that my partner does for me.

    33. It is the greatest joy of my life to see my partner smiling.

    34. I will always try to express my love in different forms.

    35. To love and to be loved is the greatest blessing in this world.

    36. I will always be the first one to resolve a conflict.

    37. I accept my partner the way he/she is. I don’t want to change him/her.

    38. I will win my partner’s heart with my love and wisdom.

    39. I will not allow any person or situation to spoil my relationship with my partner.

    40. My love for my partner will grow over time.

    41. I will try my bests that the romance in our life never fades away.

    42. I have complete trust in my partner, in our love and our relationship.

    43. I will make every moment of our life a memorable one.

    Conclusion: Positive affirmations for couples

    If you want to sustain a loving relationship, you must try positive affirmations. They will help to change your negative thoughts and emotions so that you can enjoy a lasting relationship with your partner.

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