Words of Affirmation for Wife [The Best Ones]

    These are some of the best words or affirmations for wives all around the world. The first human created by God was a man, Adam. He was taught about good and evil and then God placed him in the Garden of Eden where he could freely live. After some time he started to feel lonely. Then he requested God that he needed a companion. Eve was created out of Adam’s ribs. Together they multiplied and the whole universe was created.

    It was God’s wisdom. He did not create Eve from Adam’s head because he did not want a woman to be superior to a man. He did not want her to rule him. He did not create her from his feet as God did not want a man to treat a woman like a slave. Instead, He created her out of his ribs to stay close to his heart and to stay in his protection.

    Man and women are different from one another in so many ways. Their desires, feelings, emotions, and way of expression everything is different.

    Once you fall in love with a person, you start liking everything related to that person. This love grows and then transforms into a stronger bond of marriage.

    For a couple to stay happy, they must value each other’s perspectives, respect each other, appreciate each other’s efforts, and stay loyal with each other.

    Women need more appreciation and admiration than men. As it is in her nature God has created her this way. Once a woman falls in love with a man, this man becomes her whole world. She dedicates her whole life to him and is willing to do anything that makes him happy. This man has the power to even mold her the way he wants. She will do anything for him in return for true love.

    The majority of men are not expressive. They don’t feel like saying some special words to their wives. This is wrong. They need to understand that a wife needs love but she also wants you to express it in different ways. She needs your kind words, gestures, hugs, and affection. This makes her strong.

    How to make her feel special

    There are some of the ways you can make her feel special by expressing your love:

    • Always remember her birthday and your wedding anniversary.
    • Make her feel special by arranging a surprise party.
    • Buy her gifts more often.
    • When at work, take out some time and call her.
    • Text her and tell her how much you love her.
    • You can occasionally bring flowers to her.
    • Write a card for her. Write down your thoughts and give it to her.
    • Take her out for dinners and outings.
    • When going on romantic dates, tell her to wear your favorite color.
    • Always hug her when you come back home formwork.
    • Spend the whole weekend with her. Help her in house chores and preparing dinner.
    • Always appreciate her in front of others your family members and friends.
    • And if you have kids, always do such things in front of your kids so that they also value her the same way. Involve the kids in planning surprises for her.

    Words of Affirmation for Wife

    1. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.
    2. You are the best blessing of God.
    3. I am so happy to have you in my life.
    4. Everyday my love for you is multiplying.
    5. You are the only woman in my life.
    6. I adore you in every way.
    7. I am so happy that I chose you to be my life partner.
    8. You mean the whole world to me.
    9. When I am with you, I forget about the rest of the world.
    10. You are my heart, my soul, and my lifeline.
    11. You have changed my world completely.
    12. You have become my weakness.
    13. My whole world revolves around you.
    14. Without you, I am nothing.
    15. I can’t imagine my life without you.
    16. The most favorite time of the day is when I come back home and see you smiling.
    17. Your love has made me a better human being.
    18. You have changed the meaning of life to me.
    19. I am in love with your smile.
    20. I appreciate each and everything you do for me and my kids.
    21. It’s because of you that I have become a better man and a better father.
    22. You are a great woman.
    23. I have learned a lot from you.
    24. Thanks for running my home so perfectly.
    25. You have transformed the house I bought into our home sweet home.
    26. You have brought out the best in me.
    27. You are an intelligent woman.
    28. You are a deep river of love and I want to drown in it.
    29. I am incomplete without you and your support.
    30. I admire your inner strength.
    31. Thank you for accepting me the way I am.
    32. Thank you for covering all my dark sides.
    33. You complete me.
    34. Thank you for being my support when things are not going well.
    35. I appreciate the way you ignore my anger and stay cool.
    36. I love the way you take care of me and my kids.
    37. It would not have been possible for me to bring up the kids so perfectly without your support.
    38. I see your reflection in my kids.
    39. Your love is the key that binds us all together.
    40. I love spending my time with you.
    41. You cook the best meals.
    42. You always take care of my needs.
    43. God wanted to fill my life with happiness that is why he sent you in my life.
    44. You are my strength.
    45. You are a role model for our kids.
    46. Over the years I have seen you grooming. You have become a wonderful woman.
    47. I am so proud to be your husband.
    48. By you on my side, I can face any difficulty in my life.
    49. I am so glad that you are mine.
    50. You will be my first and last love.
    51. I will always be loyal to you.
    52. I appreciate your loyalty.
    53. You have brought joy and happiness in my life.
    54. You are an ideal woman and the dream of every man. I am lucky you chose me.

    Conclusion: Words of Affirmation for Wife

    Your wife needs your love and your kind words. She needs appreciations as she is the homemaker. If she is happy the whole house will have a happy environment.

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