42 Spiritual Daily Affirmations To Raise Your Spirituality

    These are some of the most powerful spiritual daily affirmations made for you. It has been proved by the neuroscience that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brain.

    By practicing positive affirmations repeatedly you can retune the wires of the brain and make them think positively. The only key is repetition.

    Spiritual affirmations have the power to transform your inner, emotional, and mental state. This is because words have the power to create and to heal.

    Affirmations are helpful only when you are clear about the meaning of the statement. And you believe the affirmation to be true. Pay attention to every word when you repeat them. Feel that the words are healing your inner soul. The best way to practice them is with your eyes closed.

    Spiritual affirmations are for the enlightenment of the soul. You can use these affirmations irrespective of one’s religion. Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, or have faith in any other religion, it does not matter.

    In this age of materialism, these spiritual affirmations will give a spiritual bend to your mind and will help you maintain a balance in your life.

    42 Spiritual Daily Affirmations:

    1. Today I open my mind and soul to the love of God. In each step of my life, I am being guided by my creator.
    2. God has opened his windows for me and I am ready to receive his countless blessings.
    3. The Creator of the universe is now by my side. And nothing can stop me from flourishing.
    4. Now is the time that everything good will start happening.
    5. God has entered his Devine light into my heart and soul and my heart and soul are shinning because of it.
    6. I love every creation of God.
    7. I have opened my heart to love. And I am sure that I will receive love too.
    8. Everything in this universe is a reflection of God’s love.
    9. As I have chosen the path of God, He is revealing his hidden secrets to me.
    10. Every creation in this universe speaks about the greatness of its creator.
    11. I believe that God is inside me and will help me make all the decisions correctly.
    12. I feel that I am in the protection of God and nothing bad can harm me ever again.
    13. My belief in God is growing with each passing day. Like a tree. The roots of this tree are growing deep in my heart and soul.
    14. Now I believe that everything that happened in my life happened for a reason and with the will of God.
    15. I have now put my life in the hands of God and I will accept every decision that he will make for me.
    16. I know that he will always guide me to the right path. And this path will lead me to success.
    17. I am grateful to God for this life and all the blessings that he has given me.
    18. The plans of my life are moving quickly towards perfection.
    19. I have noticed that miracles have started happening in my life.
    20. All the energies of the universe are working in accordance with my beliefs.
    21. An unbreakable link connects me to God.
    22. Being connected to my soul is one of my top priorities.
    23. As I have now connected to my inner spirit, this gives me peace and joy.
    24. With every passing day, I get to know more about the universe and its creator.
    25. With each day I am becoming empowered.
    26. I am becoming aware of how everyone and everything is connected.
    27. I am a small part of this huge universe.
    28. My heart and soul are purified.
    29. As I feel the light of God inside me, I forgive every person who has done wrong to me.
    30. I believe that there is a higher power that is working and helping me in reaching my goals.
    31. I have my trust in my creator.
    32. I nourish my inner being with thoughts of abundance and peace.
    33. I don’t get worried anymore because I know that he is there to solve all my problems.
    34. I take directions from my creator and follow them.
    35. I respect all the religions of the world, I know at the center, they are all one.
    36. I thank God for providing me all that I deserved.
    37. I know that the power that I have with me now will never let me down, he is with me and will never leave me alone.
    38. Now my intentions are always loving and kind.
    39. I am well taken care of by God.
    40. Now I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to God.
    41. I am not perfect, but I love the way I am because I am one of his creations.
    42. I have set aside all my mental burdens. I know that God will help me.

    Conclusion: Spiritual Daily Affirmations

    We, humans, are the most powerful creation of God. We have the power to bring change in our thoughts. This can be done by repeating affirmations at regular intervals. You can add the above-mentioned affirmations with your prayers. And you will notice that they help a lot and will add another dimension to your life.

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