The Best 17 Love Affirmations Done For You [LIFE-CHANGING]

These are the best love affirmations done for you. The words that we speak in our daily life have a powerful and influential impact.  Words can either break or heal a heart. They can break or mend a relationship.

Even the words of others around us have a huge impact on our personality. If you want to experiment this, just spend some time with a person who is less thankful and complains more. After some time you will feel your positive energy doing down.

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Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.

In the same way word of appreciation, gratitude, and love like” thank you”,” you look beautiful” and “I love you” have a positive effect on the listener. They bring calmness and soothes your mind. You feel positively attracted to the person speaking such words.

On the other hand words of disgrace like” I hate you” “you are such a fool” “you are the ugliest person in the world”, they have extremely negative effects on the person listening to them. And if listened, again and again, the listener starts to believe that he is unworthy and foolish.

In ancient times when people wanted to get rid of some tree they did not cut it down rather the whole village gathered around the tree and cursed it. As a result of the negative words and their vibrations, the tree started to wither.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are statements that convince your mind about a fundamental truth.  Repetitions of these positive statements can make them penetrate deep into your mind thus making them a part of your subconscious mind.

And this, in turn, has a positive impact on your behavior and thinking. Positive affirmations have a huge impact on a person’s way of thinking and their actions. They can change your habits and eventually change the way you behave with the people around you.

Experimental research on words and affirmations:

Similarly, an experiment to testify the power of words on energy was performed by a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.  When pure water is frozen it makes shiny white crystals that can be seen under a microscope.

In his experiment, he took pure water in a glass container and labeled it “I hate you”. After 24 hours the water in the container was frozen. When seen under the microscope, they did not form crystals. In contrast to this, he took polluted water in another glass container and labeled it “I love you”.

After 24 hours this polluted water was also frozen and surprisingly it formed shiny crystals when seen under the microscope. His experiment proved that the energy of positive and negative words can change the physical state of an object.

How to implement affirmations?

Repeating something, again and again, makes the mind to remember that particular information. Like in childhood, the teachers advised memorizing the multiplication tables to solve the multiplication tasks. This was done by revising the table again and again.

Repetition is an important tool to print information in your mind and keep it there for a longer period.

Our mind remembers the things that we see, hear, or are exposed to regularly. When some words or phrases are repeated again and again in front of you, your mind starts believing it.

This brings you to the conclusion that repeating a thing, again and again, has the power to change the way the mind and our thoughts.

Impact of love affirmations:

Love affirmations can become a powerful tool and help you to bring positive change in your life. Positive love affirmations if repeated in continuous patters can help you bring love into your life and build stronger relations with the people around you. But how to do it? The answer is simple.

The first step is to pick up the most influencing and attractive affirmations that you like. The second step is to listen to them repeatedly when you are free. Because in free time your mind will be able to concentrate on them more and absorb them. These days it is not that difficult.

You can write them down on a piece of paper and read them aloud in free time. You can also make someone you like to read out loud to you as well.

As we live in a modern era of technology things are easier now. You can record your favorite affirmations on your mobile and listen to them anywhere you want.

Whether you are traveling or driving or lying in your bed. Use these positive love affirmations to bring love, happiness, and joy into your life. And in the lives of the ones around you

Affirmations to find love and attract love:

Some of the positive love affirmations are discussed below:

1. Love is all around me.

Once your mind will start to accept that love is all around you, you will see and find it in everything around you.

2. I am deserving of all the love I am getting.

Every human on the earth wants love. You must be seeking someone special for a romantic relationship. You will find it too. But before that look around you, you will find people like your parents, friends, and siblings that all love you.

3. The love I am seeking is also seeking me.

There is someone out there made for you. He/ she will be searching for you as you are searching for them. And one day you will find each other. You don’t know who they are or where they are but you know that someone is out there made for you.

4. When I give love, I receive love.

The more love you give away to the people around you the more love you will receive from others.  People always welcome love and are ready to give more to you in return.

5. I love everything I see.

If you will look at the world and the people around you with loving eyes and a warm heart you will see the beauty in everything. And will love everything you see. It is the positivity in your inside that will be reflected.

6. My heart is always open to love.

Remember that you will welcome love with open arms when it comes to you.  Your heart is open like a door and is more than ready to accept whenever the right person comes into your life.

7. I am attracting my soul mate.

At the moment everything you are doing is to make you a better person. You are growing as a person improving every day. You are constantly trying to make yourself more attractive and lovable.

8. My inner beauty radiates out to those around me.

You have a lot of qualities and abilities that the people around you will see and appreciate. Your outer beauty fades away with time but inner beauty stays throughout life.

9. I love deeply and passionately.

If your feelings of love are deep and passionate then they will make the other person love you the same way.

10. I am so worthy to get a perfect life partner.

You are so worthy that someone will come and make your life more colorful. You can attract anyone you want to. You are no less as compared to anyone. You have to feel that your life partner is perfect.

11. Every day when I wake up, I find new things to love.

You are the most positive person and you see a lot of things every day when you wake up. You spread happiness and joy around you. You have to think positive to make your day good.

12. I am so grateful to everyone who loves me.

You are surrounded by love and peace. You have to be thankful for everything you have and you are enjoying it. The more you are grateful, the more love you will get.

13. I am the source of love for this universe.

You are spreading love everywhere and you are best for this universe. You do not hurt anyone and you have to think about it too. See your positive side and let go of your negative side.

14. I am in love deeply with myself.

You are always here for yourself. Self-love is very important because it is the key to success as it enables you to take care of yourself. You have to think about yourself at any cost.

15. I am appreciating myself for being so loveable.

You should thank yourself for being great, for standing every time for yourself because you got your back. No one can take this thing from you.

16. I attract every positive thing to me.

You are a magnet that only attracts positive things, love, and peace. You have to change your thinking and you have to act according to your thinking.

17. I am so overwhelmed that love is always here for me.

You do not feel lonely and you do not feel empty. This is because when you look around you, you will see love and peace around you. Love is always standing to hug you!

Conclusion: Love Affirmations

Positive love affirmations can bring a lot of changes in your life. Finding love is a journey but showing love is a journey too. Every day you are learning how to show love more deeply and openly.

You are also learning how to notice and appreciate the love around you. You are growing inside to better understand love. When you will meet your soul mate you will be able to show them love open-heartedly. And you will be ready to receive the love that they will have for you.

Hopefully, these positive love affirmations helped you incredibly. If you enjoyed them, please share them on your favorite social media down below.

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