30 Goddess Affirmations To Empower Yourself Now

    These are my favorite goddess affirmations that are extremely powerful for you. God has created each individual for a purpose. He has blessed each of us with unique qualities. It is because of our social conditions and surroundings that some of us can embrace our qualities and some of us do not get the chance to bring them out.

    Divine Feminine Energy

    The divine feminine energy means

    “She cannot be seen or heard, but she can be felt”

    Many women think that divine feminine energy is unattainable, but it is not true. It is somewhere inside you. Some of us might get the chance to embrace it and some of us don’t, but it still exists inside every woman. This energy brings out the goddess inside of you. The need is to know our true self-worth and bring out the true power within ourselves.

    The goddess inside you is nurturing and affectionate. She is beautiful, sensual, and attractive. She is creative and inspirational. She is empowered within. She is respected and honored.

    The goddess inside you is wild and free. She ignores the rules of society. She has no boundaries. She is free from all the restrictions. She is not afraid to speak the truth. She trusts her intuitions and allows them to guide her. She understands that her life is not unworthy, it has a mission.

    How to Awaken the Goddess inside you?

    We are so much stuck in our daily routines that we don’t have time for ourselves. But if you want to improve your life you will need t take some time out for yourself.

    Goddess affirmations are statements that help to reprogram your mind. These work on your subconscious mind and help you bring out the talent that has been hidden inside you.

    There are two things that you need to do. You have to repeat the goddess’s affirmations to yourself. The best time to do this is early in the morning when you wake up or before going to bed. You can also have “me time” for yourself when you don’t have to do anything else just talk to yourself. You can paste the affirmations on your mirror and read them aloud to yourself while looking in the mirror. Secondly, this process of repetition should be consistent.

    Some goddess affirmations are stated as under. You can pick the ones that you like and practice them to get the desired results.

    30 Goddess Affirmations:

    1. I am the best creation of God. He has made me perfect.
    2. I am worthy because I am created by the best of creators.
    3. I am worthy and my life is worthy. I believe that God has created me for a reason.
    4. I am a strong woman.
    5. I am perfect I am complete.
    6. I honor myself. I am proud to be a woman.
    7. I have a strong magnetic personality. I can turn the heads around wherever I go.
    8. People admire me because of my unique qualities.
    9. I have a charismatic personality. people always want to be around me.
    10. Everyone wants to listen to me as my words tell about my strong personality and my confidence.
    11. I am loving and compassionate.
    12. I am a true example of divine femininity.
    13. I am open to receiving all that the universe throws at me.
    14. I am so grateful to be a confident and independent woman.
    15. I believe in myself and my qualities even when I am surrounded by darkness.
    16. I focus on self-growth and self-love.
    17. I don’t believe in fake beauty. I am beautiful the way I am. I don’t want any fake surgeries to become beautiful.
    18. I have a creative mind that has enormous ideas in it.
    19. I utilize these ideas for my self-growth and success.
    20. I stay calm and don’t react to the ones who show negativity to me. I know that negative people will always remain negative.
    21. I don’t get stressed by negative comments. I know people throw negative comments on rising stars.
    22. I am kind to myself and the people around me.
    23. I am thankful to God that I am surrounded by kind and loving people.
    24. I am empowering myself so that I can create a successful life.
    25. I am going to become the next shining star and the world is going to admire me.
    26. Every day I am allowing myself to grow more and more.
    27. I take full responsibility for my words, thoughts, and feelings.
    28. I have a beautiful soul that is kind to myself and others around me.
    29. I surround myself with like-minded people to increase the circle of positivity.
    30. I have set my goal, my path is clear in from of me and I am determined to attain success in my life.

    Conclusion: Goddess Affirmations

    Every woman has some special qualities. Every woman is a goddess. Some have the chance to bring them out and others don’t get the chance. Goddess affirmations can help you know your inner goddess and bring it out so that the world can know about your inner potential.

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