39 Positive Affirmations for Girls To Be Better

    These are the most positive affirmations for girls that I really love and enjoy repeating myself every day. If you are a mom of a young girl, all you want is that your girl to grow up and become a strong, educated, and confident individual.

    We are living in an era where there is a lot of pressure from our surroundings. The role of social media and its influence on young individuals cannot be denied. In older days teenage girls used to admire teachers and their mothers. But nowadays they are more influenced by celebrities and social media influencers.

    We all know that whatever is shown on Instagram and Facebook is all fake, it has nothing to do with reality. Yet our new generation is extremely attracted to this fake world.

    Being a girl it’s really hard to move in a society where people judge you on your looks, body shape, and complexion. In a teenager where you already are fighting with changing hormones, and excessive homework your stress level might increase and your confidence might shatter. You need to be armed with something that can help you when you feel low.

    Positive affirmations are simple empowering statements. These statements can be effective when you are struggling with anxiety or when you need an extra boost in your self-confidence.

    You just need to select your favorite affirmations and repeat them at regular intervals. Remember repetition is the key to success. Make them a part of your daily life and you will see positive results.

    Given below are some of the affirmations for teenage girls. They are simple and very effective.

    39 Positive Affirmations for Girls:

    1. I am the controller and in charge of my happiness.
    2. I will not allow the opinions of others to control my mind and happiness.
    3. I am beautiful from the inside and outside.
    4. I believe that I am the creator of the best of creators. And he has made me perfect.
    5. My life has a purpose I just need to find it and work on it. So that I can be successful.
    6. I am perfect the way I am I do not need to follow anyone blindly.
    7. I believe in myself and my abilities.
    8. I do not get stressed by the comments of others. I listen to them with an open mind so that I can work on myself and improve myself.
    9. I have my unique way of thinking and my ideas.
    10. I allow myself to be proud of myself.
    11. I am very important. I matter and my opinion matters.
    12. I have a right to say no to anything that I don’t like.
    13. No one can make me do anything that I don’t like.
    14. I am confident and determined. I can reach my goals.
    15. I know what I am and I know what I am capable of. I do not want the acceptance of others.
    16. My opinion matters a lot. No one has a right to snub me.
    17. I know that no one in this world s perfect. We all make mistakes.
    18. I make mistakes too. I don’t get dishearted. I learn from them so that in the future I don’t make the same mistakes again.
    19. I am surrounded by caring and loving people. They love me unconditionally.
    20. I am training my mind to look at the positive aspects of everything.
    21. I am capable of doing the hardest jobs.
    22. I believe in taking small steps towards my goals instead of long leaps.
    23. I do not need the approval of others. I just want them to mind their own business.
    24. I have my boundaries and limits and I don’t cross them and I don’t allow others to cross them too.
    25. My greatest asset is my positive attitude.
    26. I love my individuality and I don’t want t to follow in the footsteps of others.
    27. I will try on my own and make my own success story.
    28. I enjoy every small thing that I do every day.
    29. I know that God has blessed me with so many things.
    30. I believe in progress, not perfection. I make mistakes every day and learn to form them.
    31. I don’t allow the judgments of others to affect my progress.
    32. I breathe in positivity and breath out negativity.
    33. I believe that my small efforts will one day lead me to success.
    34. I do not body shame myself. I am perfect the way I am.
    35. I believe that my inner confidence is enough to face the criticism thrown at me.
    36. I will not ruin my life by following false stories shown on the media. I have a purpose in my life and I will achieve it.
    37. I sometimes feel proud of myself. But it’s okay, I work hard for it.
    38. I have full control over my emotions and feelings.
    39. At times I am scared but it’s okay to be scared. I know how to handle my emotions.

    Conclusion: Positive Affirmations for Girls

    Positive affirmations are an extra dose of positivity. They are beneficial for everyone. Positive thinking can be a big step towards self-improvement and boosting your confidence. repetition is the key to success.

    These are some of the best manifestation affirmations for girls for just 15 minutes per day, click here.

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