44 Affirmations to Stop Drinking [Quit Drinking Habits]

    These are some of the most powerful Affirmations to stop drinking and live your life more love, health, and happiness. But, are you willing to be sober? Are you trying to get rid of all the negative things that are hurting you and your health? Are you going to stop drinking alcohol for yourself?

    If you are trying to get rid of this addiction but you have tried everything, the last and the most effective way is through making affirmations.

    In this post, I will show you a way through which you can get rid of all the toxic things and stop drinking alcohol, just by thinking good about yourself.

    I have so many affirmations for you that will help you get healthy and be a stronger person.

    These affirmations to stop drinking will have a direct relation with your mind and soul. These words will allow you to control yourself. So, start today and live a better life for yourself and your beloved ones.

    44 positive and powerful affirmations to stop drinking

    Take out some minutes and read these all affirmations for the best results.

    1. I am making choices for myself that what I have to do and what I have to avoid.
    2. I am not dependent on anything.
    3. I am feeling peaceful without taking any drugs.
    4. I am so grateful because I have the power to quit drinking.
    5. I am the man of high willpower and I am controlling my willpower.
    6. I am not drinking alcohol because I want to be strong.
    7. I let go of all the negative and toxic things from my life.
    8. I am so grateful that I am living a healthy life.
    9. I am choosing to stop drinking now.
    10. I am getting rid of alcohol from my life.
    11. I am motivating and encouraging myself to stop drinking alcohol.
    12. I am giving my body all the easy and positive things to make it strong.
    13. I am finding fun and joy in life without alcohol.
    14. I am finding myself in peace by stop drinking alcohol.
    15. I let go of drinking alcohol from my life because it no longer serves me.
    16. I am becoming stronger from the inside day by day.
    17. I am releasing the need for drinking alcohol.
    18. Everyone around me is supporting me to stop drinking alcohol.
    19. I am supporting myself to stop drinking alcohol.
    20. I am now doing better for myself.
    21. I am so grateful to know about my value and I am not going to ruin it by drinking.
    22. I am overcoming alcohol addiction by working on myself.
    23. I am taking good care of myself.
    24. I am going through the phase of life that is free from any addiction.
    25. I am so worthy to live my life without any addiction.
    26. I am taking all the responsibilities of myself and my life.
    27. I am forgiving myself for all the wrongs.
    28. I am not having any regrets about my past.
    29. I am noticing every change in myself by getting rid of alcohol.
    30. I am choosing things that are making me strong and powerful.
    31. I stop drinking alcohol just by thinking about it.
    32. There is not anything that urges me to drink alcohol.
    33. I am so grateful for having a peaceful, tension-free, and calm life.
    34. I am being guided by my higher self to stop drinking alcohol.
    35. I am enjoying my life in many other ways.
    36. This addiction is nothing in front of my willpower.
    37. I am enjoying my life being sober.
    38. I am having a better focus on my work by stop drinking alcohol.
    39. I am having new friends and healthy relations by stop drinking alcohol.
    40. I am dedicated to all the good for myself.
    41. I am a self-motivated and self-sufficient human being.
    42. I let go of everything that makes me it’s dependent.
    43. I am so worthy to live a healthy lifestyle.
    44. Nothing can take over my life because I am making my own life.

    Conclusion: Affirmations to stop drinking

    The best time to read and recite all these affirmations is in the morning. All you have to do is to paste your favorite affirmations on the wall or the cupboard.

    Read them and think about them when you feel that you need alcohol. You have to live a happy life that is free from every kind of addiction because as you know, every kind of addiction is bad for you.

    So start from right now. Make a promise with yourself that you have all the right to live a happy and prosperous life. This can only be done if you make up your mind that you have to stop drinking anything that is not good for you.

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