49 Powerful Affirmations to Overcome Fear [Live FREE Life]

    Do you wanna overcome fear? You can try these affirmations to overcome fear. You have to live a fear-free life because you have a lot more to do in your life. Fear is like something that sticks to a point, from where you cannot move forward.

    Having a life free of all the worries and fears is the best life and you have to experience this because you are so worthy. Many people do not bother and think about their selves, but you have to think and you have to make your life better.

    All you have to do is to focus on this article. In this, I will show the best way through which you can overcome all your fears and you can let go of all the negativity from your life.

    It is very important to live a happy and prosperous life. But how to feel that all? It is very easy. You can just make the affirmations, and overcome all your fears. Through this, you will be able to live your life the way you want to.

    49 powerful affirmations to overcome fear

    Here is a list for you, through which you can take all the benefits.

    1. I am becoming stronger through my failures.
    2. I am becoming strong and powerful day by day.
    3. I have all the power to radiate love and respect.
    4. I am embracing all the mistakes I made and I am correcting them.
    5. I do not have any regrets about anything I did.
    6. I am so grateful to know that everything happens best for me.
    7. I am very brave so that I can face all the challenges.
    8. I am feeling joy and fun about my life.
    9. There is a lot more to do in my life.
    10. I never let myself feel down because I always buck up myself.
    11. I am very persistent in my journey.
    12. I am very competent in every task in my life.
    13. I am unstoppable and going very fast and secure.
    14. I am jumping over all the barriers and hurdles coming in my way very easily.
    15. I am feeling blessed for every new day and new opportunity.
    16. I am very motivated and encouraged to get all my dreams.
    17. I do not let any fear to enter in my life.
    18. I do not have fear to lose anything because my fate is with me.
    19. I am not afraid of taking steps.
    20. I am taking all the steps firmly and confidently.
    21. I am becoming as powerful as I am facing my fears.
    22. I am going through all the phases in my life with my power.
    23. I am releasing all my pains in the past.
    24. I am exhaling all the fears and inhaling courage and motivation.
    25. I am deserving of all the good.
    26. I am not judging myself for anything now.
    27. I am flying higher because of my wings.
    28. I am balancing myself with every situation of my life.
    29. Everyone around me loves me unconditionally.
    30. I am handling my life very well.
    31. I am having proud of myself.
    32. I am very confident to do everything.
    33. I am getting all the things which are good for me.
    34. I do all the things and get these things just by making up my mind.
    35. I am protecting my universe.
    36. I am the creator of my kingdom.
    37. I am doing every task fearlessly.
    38. I am looking at my future with hope and happiness.
    39. I am trusting my higher self and it is guiding me.
    40. I am releasing all the worries, tensions, and stress.
    41. I am passing all the obstacles and it is taking me closer to my destination.
    42. I am rewarding myself for all the good.
    43. I am giving my body and soul everything they need.
    44. I have everything that is required for my success.
    45. I am so worthy that my life is offering me what I need.
    46. I am getting everything just by thinking about it.
    47. I am a source of inspiration for everyone.
    48. My actions are following my words.
    49. I know what I have to do because I am living a clear life.

    Conclusion: Affirmations to overcome fear

    If you ever feel that you are not up to the mark, remember there is only one person behind your back, and that person is you.

    To live a great life, to make super decisions and to achieve each and everything, it is very important not to feel any fear and not to feel that you cannot do this. You have to change all your ”can not’s” into ”can’s”.

    So what are you waiting for? You have all the material you should have, now it is up to you that how you see yourself. You have to think beyond this universe to get this universe.

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