42 Affirmations to Attract a Specific Person or Relationship

    These are the most powerful affirmations to attract a specific person or relationship in your life. Are you going to attract a specific person that you love? Have you ever feel surrounded in love?

    You cannot deny the importance of love because it fills your life with fun and joy. If you are getting love and you are complete, this is the most important feeling in life because love is in the air and you have to feel that. You have to feel that you are made for that specific person and you have to feel yourself with that person.

    Now the question arises, how to feel that and how you should get and attract all the love? If you have a specific person, you will feel complete and perfect.

    You are missing a part of your body and your soul. I have a solution for you through some powerful and positive affirmations to attract a specific person to be the love of your life.

    These words have a special impact on your mind and on your life that will help you feel the love in your surroundings.

    42 powerful affirmations to attract a specific person

    Here is a list of affirmations for you:

    1. I am flowing streams of love and peace in myself.
    2. I am attracting a special person I love in my life.
    3. I am getting all the love and respect from the person I am attracting.
    4. I am so grateful for receiving all the love that I am getting from my soul mate.
    5. The love is making me peaceful and romantic day by day.
    6. I know that this universe is attracting love for me.
    7. I let go of all the things that are stopping me from getting love.
    8. I am radiating love everywhere I go.
    9. I am the source of love for everyone around me.
    10. I have faith in my abilities for all the love they are attracting.
    11. I have faith in my talents and skills for every person they are attracting.
    12. This universe is attracting all the good towards me.
    13. I am noticing a beautiful change in my life as I am getting love.
    14. I am doing all the good to attract love.
    15. Every day, I am getting so many signs and chances to get love.
    16. I am spreading love and getting all the love in abundance.
    17. I am having a magnetic personality and I am attracting me, soul mate, effortlessly.
    18. I am filling all my relationships with love and purity.
    19. I am so worthy that everyone wants to be with me.
    20. People are enjoying my talks and company.
    21. Every day I wake up, I am getting more love.
    22. Love is helping me to become a better and great person.
    23. This world is offering me chances to get love.
    24. I am getting all the love just by thinking about it.
    25. This universe is full of love.
    26. I am attracting the love of my life just by thinking about love.
    27. I am enjoying the journey to get all the love.
    28. I am finding that love is in the air.
    29. I let go of all the fears that are coming in my way to get the love.
    30. I am loving my soul mare more than everything else.
    31. My soul mate is taking care and trusting me
    32. I am building a very strong relationship with my soul mate.
    33. The person I am attracting is attracting me back.
    34. Everything I do becomes a favor in attracting the person I love.
    35. The person I am attracting is completing me.
    36. I am doing all the good and positive to attract that specific person.
    37. I am going to make a very beautiful family with my soul mate.
    38. My partner is telling me all the good in improving myself.
    39. I am full of love, joy, and happiness for everyone around me.
    40. I am capable and deserving of every pure and nice relationship.
    41. I am so grateful to know each day how much everyone loves me.
    42. I am very happy and prosperous with my soul mate.

    Conclusion: Affirmations to attract a specific person

    The best time to read and remind all these positive affirmations is in the morning. You have to charge your day when you wake up and you also have to think good about the person you want in your life.

    You can do anything and everything you want to, only you have to change your thinking and way of seeing those things.

    This time is for you, just you have to build the guts to express yourself and think about what you have to.

    Thank you for reading till the end, if you wanna manifest the life of your dreams in just 15 minutes per day, click here.

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