40 Powerful Affirmations for letting go of the past

    These are some of the best Affirmations for letting go of the past you had. Have you ever feel free from all the negative things that affected your past? Have you ever try to let go of all the things which are not good for you?

    This is very important in your life because sometimes, you have to say good-bye to a lot of things which are not for you and which harm you. Remember, there are thorns with flowers.

    But the question is, how to let go of these things? I have a solution for you and today I will show you some positive and powerful affirmations for letting go of the past that will help you to get rid of all the negative things and live your life in a new way.

    This new way of living your life will be free of all the tensions and worries of the past. You have to feel this because it is one of the best feelings in the world.

    40 powerful Affirmations for letting go of the past

    Here is a list for you:

    1. I am trusting the phases of life and releasing the past with ease.
    2. I let go of all the negative thoughts that effected my past.
    3. I am so glad that I have no regrets about my past.
    4. I am learning from the mistakes and experiences of the past.
    5. I let go of all the negative people and relations in my past.
    6. I am not taking any revenge from anybody because I am releasing only positivity.
    7. I am going to make this through too as I have survived through everything.
    8. I am releasing all the things from the past that are not for me.
    9. I am not allowing my past to have any influence on my present and future.
    10. I am forgiving myself for all the mistakes I did in my past.
    11. I am appreciating myself for learning all the good things from the past.
    12. I am giving myself the proper time to learn and become an improved person.
    13. I am not wasting time thinking only about my past.
    14. I am so grateful to know that everything happens to me for a reason.
    15. I am so grateful knowing that my past made me strong.
    16. I let go of all the barriers and hurdles that come in my way to success.
    17. I let go of all the thoughts that are of no use.
    18. I am receiving all the love and peace now.
    19. I am the man of great honor and my honor cannot be destroyed by the past.
    20. I am grateful for knowing about the reality of many things in my past.
    21. I let go of all the fears that are stopping me.
    22. I am absorbing energy and every cell is radiating love and peace in this world.
    23. I am grateful for all the opportunities of the past.
    24. I am now moving forward with power and strength.
    25. I am now living my life the way I want to.
    26. I am free of all the negative influences and fears that come in my way.
    27. I am letting go of all the things stopping me from growing.
    28. I am treating myself better now.
    29. I am full of energy for the tasks of the present and future.
    30. I am releasing all the painful thoughts of my past.
    31. I am making up all my mistakes and turning them into something positive.
    32. I am keeping myself cool and calm in every situation.
    33. I am not wasting my time and energy while thinking about the past.
    34. There is a lot more waiting for me and I have to get it.
    35. This world is for me and I cannot stop myself now.
    36. I am converting my past into my future very positively.
    37. I am not taking any stress or tension about my past.
    38. I let go of all the bad environment of my past, my future is green.
    39. I am spreading positivity and love in my surroundings now.
    40. I am releasing all the anger because holding it is not good for me.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for letting go of the past

    It is natural to feel that but you have to take over all the fears and pains of the past. Everyone makes mistakes like you because no one can be so perfect.

    The right way is to let go of all these things, exhale and feel that you get rid of all the negative things of your past. You have to fill yourself with love and positivity.

    Now, you have to feel good and do not even think about your past. You have a lot to do in your future and you are doing great in your present.

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    Hopefully, you enjoyed these affirmations for letting go of the past you had. If they were helpful, please share them on your favorite social media down below.

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