44 Affirmations for Fear and Anxiety [They Work Fast]

    You have to feel good and free from all the tensions and worries. Take a deep breath right now, and start imagining your life free of all the negativity.

    Do you want to feel this forever just by speaking some words? If you want to, then you are in the right place because today, I will show you some positive affirmations for fear and anxiety which will help you to cure all your fears and anxieties.

    These special words have a direct relationship with your mind and they will feed healthy things and fuel to your mind. You do not have any fear, it is just your way of thinking. I will show you how to change your way of thinking. So let us get started.

    44 positive and powerful affirmations for fear and anxiety

    Here is a list for you, through which you can take over all your fears and anxieties.

    1. I am feeling very safe and sound at this moment.
    2. I am becoming calm as I am allowing myself to breathe.
    3. I let go of all the fears and pressures that have any influence on me.
    4. I am a free human being that can fly, walk, and do everything.
    5. I am finding joy and charm in life.
    6. I am capable of doing all the good and positive things.
    7. I am looking forward to all the positive outcomes of my actions.
    8. I am so worthy that I do not have any fear of anything.
    9. I am so grateful for having a clear and straight mind.
    10. I am a very creative person as I am creating my life.
    11. I am choosing to focus on blessings only.
    12. I am ignoring all the bad times.
    13. I am looking forward to making my future bright.
    14. My higher power and higher self is always guiding me for all the good.
    15. I am feeling mental and physical peace now.
    16. I am trusting and listening to my senses now.
    17. I have a firm and strong belief in my power and my objective in this world.
    18. I am opening myself to receive all the love and positivity.
    19. I am always motivating and giving courage to myself.
    20. I am always encouraging myself to take the next step and move forward.
    21. Everything happening with me is for a good reason.
    22. I am trusting all the phases of life.
    23. I am not worrying about anything.
    24. I am at peace from the inside and ignoring all the negative things happening outside.
    25. I am focusing on my dreams and trying to change them into reality.
    26. This world is always giving and selecting the best for me.
    27. I am having the greater forces that are carrying myself.
    28. I am not looking back now.
    29. There is a shine in my way that is the sign of positivity.
    30. I am keeping my mind at ease and my body relaxed.
    31. I have all the things that are required for success.
    32. I am trusting my inner and outer self for all the good.
    33. I am becoming stronger day by day.
    34. I am self-sufficient and complete.
    35. I am always here to buck up myself.
    36. I am always possessing many different qualities that make me unique.
    37. I am going closer to what I want and what is good for me.
    38. I am finding all the solutions to all the problems just by thinking.
    39. I let go of all the tensions and stress about life.
    40. I am getting rewards from nature and this world.
    41. I am opening myself to absorb all the inner peace and love.
    42. I am enjoying the journey more than the destination.
    43. I am always acting like a winner because I do not lose anything.
    44. There is a lot more to do in life.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for fear and anxiety

    It is natural to face any hard time, it is natural to feel any fear, it is natural to have something negative in your life but you have to move on from this all. The best time to remind and focus all these affirmations is in the morning. Make your routine that when you wake up, the very first thing you have to do is to read these all affirmations for a better and charged day.

    I assure you that you will not feel any fear or anxiety all day because you are going to change your way of thinking and the eye of seeing things. Just focus on the positive part of the story and let go of all the negativity.

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