45 Affirmations to Win the Lottery [Attract Wealth Now]

Here are some Affirmations to win the lottery and enjoy wealth. Do you ever want to win a big lottery? You get so much money and you complete all your dreams.

If you think the law of affirmation is true and you can attract things towards yourself just by your thinking and making a strong belief then I will show you ways you can do that all. If you want to win the lottery, it all depends on what you think because when you are selecting any number, you have to use your mind.

As you know that visualizations, mediations, and affirmation are the best ways to win any lottery and to attract everything towards yourself. So, I will show you affirmations to win the lottery that will help you be focused and you will just think about the lottery. You have to think positively to get positive.

These affirmations are all that you need and these will help you in many ways.

45 affirmations to win the lottery:

Remember and revise these affirmations and in the end, you will see positive results.

  1. I know that my lottery number is the winning number.
  2. I am so worthy to win the lottery.
  3. I have confidence in my fate that I will win a hundred million dollars in lottery.
  4. I can easily pick the winning numbers.
  5. My mind can pick the winning lottery number.
  6. I deserve to win the million dollars in the lottery.
  7. I am destined to win the lottery because I have a strong belief.
  8. I am so grateful that this world has given me the chance to win the lottery.
  9. I have faith in myself that I can select the right number.
  10. Nature gives me signs of winning the lottery.
  11. I decide with myself to win the lottery.
  12. I have all the power and strength to win the lottery.
  13. This lottery is the biggest chance and opportunity for me.
  14. This world gave me everything I ever wanted so it will also give me this lottery.
  15. This lottery is in my destiny because I am so worthy to deserve and get it.
  16. I can attract the lottery towards me.
  17. I have a feeling and charge that I will get this lottery with no efforts.
  18. My luck is so strong that it will not take this lottery away from me.
  19. I know that my fortune cannot let me down, not even this time.
  20. My mind is focused and clear to win the lottery and I make no efforts in this.
  21. I have the power of universal luck and my mind accepts it.
  22. I will spend this lottery winnings to help people around me.
  23. I will spend this lottery winnings on my family because I want to see them happy.
  24. I am connected with all the good in this world.
  25. Everyone prayers for me so that I win that lottery.
  26. Everyone sees me as a lucky man who can win this lottery.
  27. My mind can easily select the lottery number because my inner voice is valuable.
  28. I am attracting a big lottery win now.
  29. There is a lot written in my fate and I will get that all.
  30. This lottery is a challenge for me and I know I can win this challenge.
  31. I am extremely lucky to get success and money.
  32. I am grateful that I get everything I desire very easily.
  33. I am the one who is always lucky and I am the one who will win this lottery.
  34. The more I think about the money, the more I get belief in myself.
  35. I am fulfilling my dreams and this lottery is a dream for me.
  36. I know all the signs of winning the lottery.
  37. I accept and absorb my lottery win.
  38. I always win the lottery and my fate is with me.
  39. I don’t take any chance, I make a chance for myself.
  40. I am a magnet for the lottery that it always comes to me.
  41. Winning any lottery is my routine now.
  42. I always think positively about money and lottery.
  43. I always visualize myself winning the lottery.
  44. I surprise everyone by winning the lottery every time.
  45. I don’t have any doubt about my fate that is why I take part in a lottery with full zeal and zest.

Conclusion: Affirmations to Win the Lottery

Feel free to pick the affirmations that fit best in you. Paste them on the cupboard, in the kitchen, and everywhere you go. These will help you increase the excitement and focus on the lottery. These affirmations act like ”think something better and it will magically appear”

To win any lottery, you just have to make and vibrate some same frequency. It will send out some strong signals from you. Everything will start working to get that thing for you.

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