48 Wealth Affirmations [Manifest Wealth & Success]

    These are some powerful wealth affirmations for anyone who is ambitious and willing to work hard and manifest success in their lives.

    Do you want to make money? Do you want to become rich? Do you want to have an attractive sum of money in your bank account? Do you want to get out of your middle-class community and want to join the elite class? The answer to all the above questions is “yes you can”.

    Not all the rich people in the world were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Most of them struggled in their lives to attain the success and wealth they had.

    Any common man can see dreams of becoming rich. It is not a crime. Most of us do dream but we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone. We have the mindset that they are contented with what we have. Or God will bless us with everything we are destined to.

    Success comes to those who believe that they deserve it. They not only dream but they live in those dreams. Their minds start to believe that they deserve to live in a big lavish house, they deserve to drive the latest model car, and they deserve to go on vacations to different places. Only when your heart and mind start to believe, then you start the practical implications to achieve those dreams.

    Positive affirmations help your mind to strengthen a belief. They help you attain what you seek in life. Repeat these wealth affirmations to you more often. These will help you to believe in yourself and attain your dream life.

    1. I release the resistance to attract money.
    2. Today I want money, wealth, and abundance to flow into my life.
    3. I attract good fortune which in turn attracts money in my life.
    4. Money is my best friend.
    5. I have set my financial goals and I know that I can achieve them.
    6. Money has a positive impact on my life.
    7. I am putting my life in order and accepting all the good that comes to me.
    8. I am focused on making more and more money.
    9. I am capable of creating my life exactly as I want it to be.
    10. I have a truly positive attitude towards money.
    11. I am focused on becoming financially secure.
    12. I am so happy that I am debt-free.
    13. I am rich in health, wealth, and love.
    14. I always get double the amount as I invest.
    15. Money always finds its way to me.
    16. The more money I spent, the more money I receive back.
    17. I attract unlimited wealth from unknown sources.
    18. Today, I am exactly where I wanted to be.
    19. I am the master of my destiny.
    20. I am thankful to God for blessing me all that I ever wanted.
    21. I attract opportunities that create more wealth.
    22. I deserve to be paid for my time, effort, and skills.
    23. Everyone around me wants to work with me as they know I am a money-making machine.
    24. My bank balance is constantly increasing.
    25. I can make as much money as I want to.
    26. Whatever I think becomes a success story.
    27. I dream big and act positively to achieve them.
    28. I set realistic goals.
    29. I have trust in myself and my abilities; this has helped me to become a rich man.
    30. I have the power to accomplish everything I want to.
    31. I am striving hard to become the best version of myself.
    32. People have starting to idealize me and want to follow my footsteps to become rich and famous.
    33. I am a magnet for opportunities; these bring money in my life.
    34. I have more than enough money to do anything I want to.
    35. I am destined to become a millionaire.
    36. It is safe for me to become a rich and powerful person.
    37. My sources of income are expanding rapidly.
    38. All the money-making opportunities land into my pocket.
    39. I have a mind that can multiply money fast.
    40. For me making money is the easiest task.
    41. I am proud of myself and my abilities.
    42. I am lucky as the universe provides me all the ways to earn money.
    43. Money comes to me continuously easily and effortlessly.
    44. It is the dream of every banker that I open my account in their bank.
    45. I use this money to bless my own life and the lives of those who are important to me.
    46. I am not a miser. I spent lavishly and every penny I spend comes back to me multiplied.
    47. I am not selfish. I am creating opportunities for those who are in need. I want every hard working person to live a happy and fulfilled life.
    48. God has opened the doors for me. In the same way, I will open doors for the needy.

    Conclusion: Wealth Affirmations

    Affirmations DO work, but only if you believe in them and practice them over and over again. When you feel the emotion behind the affirmation, your subconscious mind takes the affirmation in and you start to feel as if it’s already in your reality.

    Saying the affirmations the first couple of times can be kind of weird. When you say them over and over again, they start to sound normal and you start to believe them.

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