41 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations To Unlock Yourself

    These are some of the most powerful third eye chakra affirmations. Have you ever try to see things and yourself with your third eye? Are you trying to work on your third eye chakra?

    It is the sixth chakra and it is very important to clear your visions and see your path. If you are clear, going on a straight path, and seeing yourself improving day by day, then you are living the best life because feeling this all is one of the best feelings in this world.

    You have to open your third eye and you have to focus on this. To do all this, you need a proper mediation. But are you thinking that how you would do that? I am here to show you.

    I am going to show you some powerful and strong affirmations that are needed to get rid of all the negative symptoms and to make your vision and eye clear.

    If you are working very hard and struggling to have a focus on your intuition, then these affirmations are waiting for you.

    41 positive and strong third eye chakra affirmations

    Here is a list for you to help you with everything you want to see and you want to get:

    1. I am so grateful for having my third eye so clear.
    2. I am focusing on and knowing my inner power and inner self.
    3. I am trusting my path and the third eye is guiding me in every way.
    4. Every day I wake up, I am noticing that my third eye and intuition is becoming better.
    5. I am so worthy to listen to my inner voice and inner guidance.
    6. I am letting go of all the hallucinations and nightmares that are disturbing me.
    7. I am feeling connected with intuition and my inner power.
    8. I am so worthy to do all the good with the help of the clarity of my mind.
    9. I am always trusting my inner self and my intuition for doing all the good.
    10. I am so grateful for having a clear and straight path in my mind.
    11. I am always learning from my mistakes and past experiences.
    12. My intuition is guiding me and I am so clear about that.
    13. I am not letting any bad thing and symptom to enter in my life.
    14. I am feeling connected with all the good in this universe.
    15. I am so worthy because I am connected with the divine nature.
    16. I am seeing every chance and opportunity as the step for my growth.
    17. I am putting all my efforts and trusts in my intuition.
    18. I am seeing my purpose from the divine very clearly.
    19. I am the best creature of the divine.
    20. I am opening myself for new paths and chances to grow.
    21. I am present in my life and observing all the things happening.
    22. My vision and objectives are so clear and straight.
    23. I can see myself a successful man very vividly and clearly.
    24. I am using my higher self and my inner power when I need it.
    25. My inner powers are helping me to more everywhere I want.
    26. I am doing the best usage of my powers and strength.
    27. I am the source of truth and purity in this universe.
    28. I am letting go of all the bad things and thoughts that are coming in my mind.
    29. I am making myself authentic day by day.
    30. I am opening my high self and using my inner guidance for all the good.
    31. I am getting good signs of life from the divine.
    32. I am controlling my life and all my emotions.
    33. I am becoming strong and clear day by day due to my intuition.
    34. I am so grateful because my third eye is seeing all the things.
    35. I am so worthy because I have a hold on my third eye.
    36. I am so grateful because I have all the extra and powerful senses.
    37. I am choosing to trust my inner wisdom only.
    38. I am so grateful because I am radiating good lights from my third eye chakra.
    39. I am so grateful because the third eye chakra is working well for me.
    40. I am being guided by my inner self and inner wisdom.
    41. I am on my path of success and prosperity because of my third eye.

    Conclusion: Third eye chakra affirmations

    If you have the blockage or blurriness in your third eye chakra, then you will see many symptoms like hallucinations, denials, uncertainty, and many more. So, you are the owner of your life and you have to get rid of these all. You have to move forward and you have all the potentials to do so.

    This is the time for you and this world is for you. All you need to do is to focus on these positive and powerful affirmations.

    Boost yourself up and be a man of strong faith and belief. You will be able to see your life. So, start now!

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