35 Positive Energy Affirmations For Daily Happiness

These are my favorite positive energy affirmations when I need to quickly boost myself to be happier in my life.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results”

Are you constantly saying words like “I am so tired”, “ my mind is so exhausted”, I need to take a break”, and “I am unable to handle the pressure anymore”. At this moment you start thinking that you need more time to rest. These are the negative thoughts in your mind that are a hurdle to your growth and energy.

Energy is not just a physical concept; it is rather a mental state of mind. Just think for a second that you are going to exercise now but your mind keeps on telling you that you are tired. So the result will be that your exercise session will be postponed or it will be least productive.

The key to staying energetic lies in your mind. When you start telling yourself that you are tired, the body performs in the same manner. However when you get rid of all the negative thoughts, the positive energy starts flowing through your body, and you will see the difference that it makes.

Affirmations are positive phrases that can help you deal with negative thoughts and emotions. In addition, these phrases assist you in visualizing the desired outcome and help you reprogram your mind.

Now, how can positive affirmations be useful? First, you need to identify the negative thoughts that you need to get rid of. You have to be very clear about what you want. Then you can prepare a list of positive energy affirmations that best suit you. You must select the affirmations you truly believe in.

Start practicing these affirmations every day. Never skip the session. Remember consistency is the key to success. You can speak them aloud, in front of the mirror, record them and listen to them. You can speak them aloud in the morning or at night before going to bed. Gradually you will see that these positive energy affirmations will have a positive impact on your life.

35 Positive Energy Affirmations:

  1. Every day when I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed.
  2. I am relaxed and open to absorbing positive energy from the universe.
  3. I am turning into a positive energy bomb.
  4. I love myself and everything around me.
  5. I have started appreciating the things that I already have, thus making myself more thankful to God almighty.
  6. I am happy and peaceful from the inside.
  7. Every day I take out time for myself and my needs.
  8. When I breathe, I take in positive energy and throw out negativity.
  9. My life is super smooth. I am happy with it.
  10. My thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all under my control.
  11. Energy flows through my mind and my body.
  12. As I completely have positive energy, I can now focus on my work and my goals.
  13. I accept every challenge that life throws at me and I handle every situation with a peaceful mind.
  14. My mind-body is connected.
  15. My body has the power to heal itself.
  16. I have a strong mind that is capable of accepting and handling challenges.
  17. This positive energy inside me helps to stay calm in negative situations.
  18. I am capable of handling stress and anxiety in a better way now.
  19. I have enough energy to work hard and achieve my goals and become successful.
  20. Having abundant energy is the top priority of my life.
  21. When I feel that my mind and body are draining out, I take some time out for myself and heal myself. So that I can get up and fight again.
  22. I am never tired. Everyone around me wants to know about my secret of positive energy.
  23. I can take a good night’s sleep. This helps to get up fresh the next morning and I can focus on my work.
  24. My top priorities are clear in my mind.
  25. Now as my mind is positive, nothing can stop me from becoming successful.
  26. I have all the energy I require to work hard.
  27. I have started feeling that life is full of happiness and love.
  28. I believe that I have a purpose in my life and I have to achieve it.
  29. I am full of energy and passion.
  30. I have a clear mind and thoughts.
  31. I am focused and determined.
  32. I am thankful to all the people who love me. They are the ones who increase my positive energy.
  33. As my energy levels are high, I have become more optimistic about my future.
  34. I have now become a better version of myself.
  35. Every day I am working on my skills to polish them.

Conclusion: Positive Energy Affirmations

Positive energy is needed throughout the day. For the execution of small tasks to the big ones. If your mind is stuck in negative thoughts, you will not be able to increase your performance. Positive energy affirmations are a great help. These statements help your mind get rid of negative thoughts and reprogram them to stay focused and positive.

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