30 Calming Affirmations For Your Mind & Body

    These are some of the best Calming Affirmations that can help you become the best possible version of yourself.

    Are you suffering from stress? Are you becoming a patient of anxiety with each passing day? Do negative thoughts stay in your mind and keep on bothering you? Are you taking medicines to avoid anxiety and stress?

    There is no need to take medical help. I have a better solution to your problem. These days many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. The root cause of all the problems is negative thoughts. These negative thoughts take away your inner peace. Over time, you become a pessimist. You start believing that there is nothing good that can happen to you.

    The only solution is to train your mind to think positively. Even if the circumstances are not favorable. This is not a magic trick that will change the scenario overnight. But positive thoughts will give you the courage to face a difficult time. While your mind is thinking positively, you will be able to sort out the solution for the problem.

    One way of training your mind to think positive is through positive affirmations. These affirmations when repeated at regular intervals will help you fight anxiety, stress, and depression. They will also help you stay calm.

    There is no limit to the number of affirmations that you can use to calm your mind. The thing important is that you need to understand what it means and you have to keep on repeating it to yourself.

    30 Calming Affirmations:

    1. I let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings that are troubling my mind. I feel calm and I feel inner peace.
    2. I will give priority to myself and my physical and mental health.
    3. Today I breathe in calmness and breathe out all the stress and negative thoughts.
    4. Nothing in the world will make me panic now. I am strong enough to handle any situation.
    5. It is my strong belief that one day everything is going to be alright. I don’t need to worry about the things that I cannot control.
    6. I believe that self-care is important as I deserve to be happy and contented.
    7. I am a strong and confident person.
    8. Even if life throws hard days at me I will still keep on smiling.
    9. I know what I am and what I do on daily basis.
    10. God has made every individual with unique qualities. And I am one of his creations.
    11. I believe that God has made me for a purpose and one day I will be able to fulfill it.
    12. I permit myself to ignore the people and situations that bring negativity to my life.
    13. Today I release the negative energy that is holding me back from staying happy and gaining success.
    14. I am satisfied with what I am.
    15. I am safe and secure. Nothing can harm me now.
    16. As I am staying positive I believe that all my problems and worries are melting down.
    17. I am not afraid of anyone. No one in this world can harm me.
    18. Instead of blaming myself for what has happened in the past, I choose to stay happy today and tomorrow because I believe that there is no use crying over spilled milk.
    19. I have learned from my past mistakes. These will help me make better decisions today and tomorrow.
    20. Nothing can stop me from succeeding. I will achieve success one day.
    21. I believe that every circumstance is a test and it gives you a lesson. It’s up to you how to look at it. A positive mind gives you the courage to fight the hardest battles.
    22. There is no problem that has no solution. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.
    23. Life is a gift and I want to enjoy it to the full.
    24. I know at times the situations are really hard but I dare to overcome them.
    25. I am blessed in many ways. There are people in this world who don’t have what I have. Still, they choose to stay happy.
    26. Every day brings new opportunities and I am ready to take advantage of them.
    27. The struggles that I am doing today will bring a bright and fruitful tomorrow for me.
    28. I am capable of finding beauty and positivity in everything around me.
    29. Today I let go of all the scary thoughts that make me depressed.
    30. I believe that hardships are temporary. If you go through them calmly, they bring better opportunities.

    Conclusion: Calming Affirmations

    Any person who wants to forget about any bad experience must practice these positive calming affirmations. You can enhance your pattern of thinking and lead a stress-free life by thinking positively.

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