How to Manifest Beauty [The Best Ways To Do It]

    Find out how to manifest beauty in your own world and on yourself. We are surrounded by people who love to judge others based on appearance and looks. People love to pass comments on your complexion, to the way you dress up, the way you speak, the way you eat, the way you walk, and so on. The list is so long.

    Today the magazines are full of pictures of the most beautiful women and the most handsome and attractive men. The social media, the advertising agencies all portray a very different picture of beauty. For them, beauty means “perfection”. To be perfect in all aspects. This includes fair complexion, tall height, healthy long hair, attractive features, etc.

    But how is it possible for one human to have all the above-mentioned attributes? You can have two or three but not all. This phenomenon of perfect beauty has lead most of us to use artificial sources to change the way God has created us. Millions of dollars are spent on surgeries to change our physical appearance.

    What is beauty?

    “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul”

    Beauty is not about perfection. It’s about being yourself. It’s about believing in the fact that you are made by the Creator of the universe, if He made you this way, there must be a reason behind it. Beauty is about being confident about what you are.

    How to manifest beauty?

    Rather than paying attention to physical appearance, you should focus more on your inner beauty. As the beauty of the face will one day fade away but the beauty of the heart remains forever.

    Be thankful

    Be thankful to God for the way He made you. Look around, it is not always necessary to admire and think about the ones who are more blessed than you are. Many don’t have the things you are blessed with.

    There might be someone without legs or hands. There might be someone who is blind and can’t even see the way he/she looks. Just think about all these people, you will be thankful for what you have.

    Appreciate your body

    When you look into the mirror what do you see? Do you start judging yourself? Yes, you do. You start looking at how pale your complexion is as compared to your friend, or you see the wrinkles and dark spots on your face. You start comparing your height with your friend or siblings. Or you start looking at which part of our body is slimmer and which is fatter.

    When you are negative about yourself, how can you expect others to be positive? We must create our beauty for others to see. It can be done easily when you start feeling positive about yourself.

    Look into the mirror and start appreciating what you see. Give at least five good compliments to yourself. This will help you change your weaknesses into strengths.

    • I love my pale complexion. Because of if I look gorgeous in light colors.
    • I love my average height. I can wear heels with all my dresses.
    • It’s okay that I am skinny. I can try a variety of styles to wear.
    • I love my beautiful short hair. They make me look different.

    Once you will have the confidence to stand out with what you have everyone around you will notice it.

    Appreciate your soul

    Physical beauty vanishes away over time. What shines throughout is a beautiful soul. An average looking person who is happy and joyful is more attractive than a very beautiful person who is arrogant and bitter. People will love to be with the first one as compared to the second one.

    Our souls are made of love. another way to manifest beauty is by giving what you have. We all have something to offer. It does not mean material things.

    • You can make someone laugh.
    • You can be a listening ear for someone to share their problems.
    • You can be a mentor if someone needs assistance.
    • You can appreciate someone so that they feel good about themselves.
    • You can be someone’s strength in their difficult times.

    Conclusion: How to Manifest Beauty

    Beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean how you look. It works with how you feel from inside. And when you ask how to work with the Law of attraction to look more beautiful? The answer is, start feeling beautiful and start to feel it.

    Feel that you have a good heart, a decent mind, a peaceful soul, all these are the qualities of a beautiful person and once you start feeling all these qualities, it will work for you. You will become beautiful inside out.

    Not only the inside of you becomes beautiful but also you get that radiance, that gleam. And, most important of all is acceptance and gratitude. Accept people around you, accept yourself, and practice gratitude. This will allow you to fall in love with people and more people will love you.

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