52 Divorce Affirmations To Help You Get Stronger [Best Ones]

    These are some divorce affirmations to help you overcome all issues that come up with divorce and to help you look forward to your future.

    Are you trying to get over the sadness and issues of divorce? Are you trying to be happy with your life and forget all the things that happened to you in your past? Have you ever feel that you do not have any regrets of the past and you are free to live?

    If you have any of these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place because I am going to show you the best way through which you can forget all your sorrows and feel good about your plans, decisions, and all the incidents that happened to you.

    So, I have some affirmations for you. These are the words that have a special and solid connection with your mind and you can turn your mind towards positivity. All you need to do is to make these affirmations as an important part of your life.

    Once you start doing this, you will be able to feel that you are at the top of the world and free from all the past relations. You will get the potential to love your life the way you want to live. So let us get started!

    52 Strong and Positive Divorce Affirmations

    Here is a list for you that has all the important affirmations:

    1. Everything is happening in my life for a good reason.
    2. I am so grateful because all the things in my life are running as they should.
    3. I do not have any regrets about my past.
    4. I am not looking back because I am leaving everything in the past.
    5. I am so worthy that my past does not influence my present and future.
    6. This world is making all the moments for my happiness and joy.
    7. I am looking forward to creating all the good and positive in my life.
    8. I am not waiting for anyone now because I am alone and very strong.
    9. Hardships and hard moments in my life are for making me strong.
    10. I am letting go of all the negative and bad spirits and things from my life.
    11. I am not stopping anyone to be in my life because I am worthy.
    12. I do not have any doubt about my value and worth because it is very great.
    13. I am very grateful for all the good moments I had with my partner.
    14. I am always wishing good and positive for my partner.
    15. I am so grateful because nature and the world saved me from getting mental depression.
    16. It is ok if anything is not for me because I am for the best.
    17. I am so worthy that I am learned a lot from my past relationship.
    18. I am correcting my mistakes and building a strong relationship now with myself.
    19. I am strong and radiating the power of love and respect all around me.
    20. I am choosing now to be the happiest person alive in this world.
    21. I am getting over this temporary situation on my own because I am strong.
    22. I am filling all the spaces and scars I got from my past relationship.
    23. I am feeling very good because I do not have any pressure or burden now.
    24. I am feeling the same beauty and love as I felt it during my marriage.
    25. I am going to find the perfect one for me who matches me in every condition.
    26. I am controlling my emotions and feelings and not wasting them on anything useless.
    27. I am getting and finding the one who completely understands me.
    28. True love is always here for me and I am going to find it.
    29. It is ok to get divorced and be in a better place.
    30. I am so grateful because of getting rid of past and toxic relationships.
    31. I am so grateful to know that there is something great written in my fate for me.
    32. I am not feeling ashamed and embarrassed because of my divorce.
    33. This divorce gave me freedom so that I can do everything I want to do.
    34. This divorce is not an end for me because there is a lot more waiting for me.
    35. I am now choosing to focus on my goals and dreams now.
    36. I am very happy when I am alone so it doesn’t need to be with anyone else.
    37. I am opening my arms, heart, and mind to receive the positive change.
    38. I am so worthy because I am coming up now with something great.
    39. I am very excited to change me and my life perfectly.
    40. Looking back is now not for me because the things in the past remain in the past.
    41. I am seeing my future that is so bright and shiny.
    42. I am letting go of all the hate and worries that were between me and my ex.
    43. I am hoping good for my ex and may God bless her.
    44. I am going to live my life the way I want to live.
    45. I am feeling very joyful to meet new people and make new relations.
    46. I am curing the pain and scars of the past.
    47. I am letting go of all the blame that we were putting on both of us.
    48. I am releasing the bad circumstances and moments from my life.
    49. I am welcoming all the happiness and joy in my life now.
    50. I am forgiving my ex for all the things she has done to me.
    51. Now I am becoming stronger day by day because I am alone.
    52. I am a young person and anyone can like me now.

    Conclusion: Divorce affirmations

    So, you have read all these affirmations and now it is up to you that you have to work on these words. Just read them when you feel that you are going through the bad times.

    You have to feel that everything happens for the best reason and these words will help you to feel that. what are you waiting for? Start from now!

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    Hopefully, these divorce affirmations were helpful to you.

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