56 Affirmations for Meditation To Help You Level UP

    These are some of the best affirmations for meditation that can help you level yourself up.

    “Meditation is the process of nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.”

    One of the basic rules of meditation is to relax and stay calm. This can only be achieved when you let go of all the worries in your mind, release the stress, and make your internal thoughts stay quiet.

    Positive affirmations can only help you while meditation when you concentrate, focus, and be dedicated to your practice. It is important to keep the affirmations short. This will make it easy for you to remember them in a meditation session. All statements should be in the present tense. You should repeat these positive affirmations to yourself when you take in your breath.

    The most important thing is the selection of the affirmations. You should be honest with yourself while doing it. You should select only those affirmations that match your need. And the ones that you think are true.

    You cannot randomly select any affirmation and start repeating it to yourself. It is important to understand the meaning of the affirmation. And whether it touches your heart and soul or not. Only in this way, the affirmations will bring your desired results.

    56 Affirmations for Meditation:

    1. As I relax my mind, my body is relaxed too.
    2. I take time out to listen to my inner voices.
    3. I allow my mind to rest for a while.
    4. My mind is relaxed and free from worries.
    5. I cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.
    6. I control my thoughts; I don’t let my thoughts control me.
    7. I take out time to make my soul happy.
    8. I take in a deep breath and exhale out all the stress and tension.
    9. I love to pray. Through my prayers, I talk to God and he listens to what I have to say.
    10. I am happy, joyful, and full of energy.
    11. I am free to choose new things and do experiments.
    12. My mind is free from stress and worry.
    13. As I cleared my mind from negative thoughts, it is more focused now.
    14. I am at peace with myself.
    15. I am at peace with everyone around me.
    16. I do not let any external force disturb my mind and my soul.
    17. I take control of my life. I make decisions for myself. I do not allow anyone to interfere in my life and my matters.,
    18. I let go of all the negative emotions. Whether they are related to people or situations.
    19. My mediation practice is improving day by day.
    20. My mind is becoming perfectly calm.
    21. Meditation has become an important part of my life.
    22. When I release my mental stress, I feel really good.
    23. My breathing is slow and I feel relaxed.
    24. I am surrounded by peaceful energy.
    25. I am fully aligned with myself.
    26. I surrender all my feelings to obtain internal peace.
    27. My mind is now empty of useless information.
    28. When I release my thoughts, I feel free and easy.
    29. All my problems are slowly moving away from me.
    30. I can feel the stress leaving my body.
    31. When I meditate I leave my problems outside the room.
    32. I release all my anxiety and depression.
    33. I am willing to spend some time every day being still and quiet.
    34. I communicate with my inner self.
    35. I have a loving and caring soul.
    36. I let go of the pain and tightness in my body.
    37. I enjoy spending quality time with myself.
    38. The practice of meditation has given me new energy.
    39. I feel empowered and refreshed.
    40. I can quiet my overthinking mind.
    41. I sit in silence so that I can speak to myself. I love to do it more often.
    42. I feel a special bond with my inner wisdom.
    43. I have explored so many other traits in myself that were not discovered before.
    44. In the silence, I can hear the voice of my heart.
    45. Meditation energizes my body and my soul.
    46. While I stay relaxed I can find solutions to the most difficult problems.
    47. I have explored the creativity inside me.
    48. My quiet mind is as important as my thinking mind.
    49. Meditation has helped me to meet the challenges of my mind with a calm and relaxed mind.
    50. My performance at my work is improving day by day.
    51. My family life has also improved.
    52. Now I can concentrate on more or very small details.
    53. I believe that my life has a purpose and I am committed to fulfilling that purpose.
    54. I have discovered my strengths and talents; I am also able to overcome my weaknesses.
    55. Meditation has helped me heal from my inner wounds.
    56. I am making my world a happy place to live in for myself and others around me.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for Meditation 

    Making positive affirmations a part of your meditation routine can give you so many benefits. It helps you to calm your mind and free it from stress, tension, and negative thoughts.  It helps to improve your concentration as well.

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