34 Affirmations for Guilt [Forgive Yourself & Move On]

    These affirmations for guilt can change you to think better about yourself and forgive yourself for any mistakes you made in the past.

    “No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future.”

    Life is complex. Sometimes we do commit sins and mistakes. Some of them are forgotten with time but some remain in our subconscious mind. Because we are unable to forget what we did. We keep on blaming ourselves for that particular situation.

    It is really hard to forgive yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort to forget about the mistakes and sins you did in your past. The shame that you feel deep inside yourself does not allow you to forget about your mistake. You carry the bitterness and the regret with you in your heart and mind.

    This is life. Sometimes we get a chance to rectify our mistakes and sometimes we don’t. The guilt of our sins and mistakes don’t allow our mind to stay calm.

    Guilt can be toxic to your mind, body, and spirit. It does not allow you to grow; hence you are stuck in your past. Your present and future are destroyed because you keep on thinking about the past. When you overthink your mistake, the feeling of being guilty increases.

    Practicing positive affirmations can be helpful when you are dealing with guilt. You can read them aloud to yourself right after you wake up. This will help you start your day with positive thoughts.

    34 Affirmations for Guilt:

    1. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
    2. I choose to take care of myself. I am important and my health is important.
    3. I will not allow my guilt to control me anymore.
    4. I am a human, not an angel. It is okay that I made mistakes in the past. Humans make mistakes.
    5. I allow myself to move my life in a positive direction.
    6. I allow myself to focus on my present and future. Instead of thinking about what had happened in the past.
    7. I have stopped judging myself. And I don’t allow others to judge me too.
    8. I allow myself to think openly and grow.
    9. I cannot change the past, but I can learn from it and I will use those experiences for a better chance.
    10. I want to change the way I think.
    11. I let go of the thoughts that are ruining my happiness.
    12. I will not waste my time thinking about the things I cannot control. I will only think about things that are beneficial for me.
    13. I forgive others for what they did to me. The time is gone and I cannot bring it back. But from now onwards I will be choosy about making friends. I know that everyone is not to be trusted.
    14. People who betrayed me have taught me important lessons. I will remember these lessons so that in the future no one can betray me.
    15. I let go of all the negative feelings that I have in my heart for others around me.
    16. I am the one who has full control of my life and happiness. I will let anyone spoil my inner peace.
    17. I let go of the guilt that is spoiling my inner peace.
    18. I release all my unexplained feelings.
    19. I will not allow anyone to judge me.
    20. I confess that I have made mistakes, but today I forgive myself completely.
    21. I release the heavy burden of shame and self-hatred that I have carried in my heart for so long.
    22. I will not allow anyone to criticize my decisions.
    23. I am a human and I am imperfect. I forgive myself for being imperfect.
    24. I love myself for what I am. I am in a constant struggle to improve myself and I believe that I will be successful.
    25. I have stopped hating myself because it is destroying my peace of mind and soul.
    26. From now onwards I will treat myself with respect and care. I believe that I deserve it.
    27. I take out time for myself. It is my me time. I need to understand myself.
    28. As I have forgiven myself, I feel that life has become easier.
    29. I have replaced my feelings of shame and anger with self-love.
    30. I do not hold grudge and anger for myself and others.
    31. I choose to step away from negative situations and negative people.
    32. The past has no power over me. It cannot control my happiness.
    33. I believe that I deserve to live a happy life. So I am moving on.
    34. I believe that my future is bright and full of opportunities.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for Guilt

    Being a human means that you have made mistakes in the past and will continue to make mistakes. Forgiveness is the key to allowing yourself to take your life in a more positive direction. Let go of the guilt because it ruins your peace of mind and soul. Use positive affirmations to help you release the feeling of guilt.

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