46 Affirmations for Good Luck [Unlock Yourself]

    These are some of the best affirmations for good luck that can help you turn your life around for the better and get lucky more often.

    Success only comes to those who believe in themselves and are prepared to win.”

    Success and luck only follow those who constantly struggle to achieve them. If you want good luck to follow you, you need to have a positive attitude. With a negative mindset, you cannot achieve positive things. So the first step towards good luck is to change the way you think.

    Physiatrists and motivators endorse the idea of introducing positive affirmations in your life. They believe that these positive affirmations have a very strong impact on the lives of the ones who constantly repeat them. You can introduce positive affirmations in your daily life.

    Positive affirmations are statements that help you challenge the negative thoughts in your mind. When you repeat them daily, you start believing in them. And then you start to notice positive changes in your personality.

    Now the question arises that how can positive affirmations help in attaining good luck?

    The answer is simple. When you start doing something there are doubts and fear in your mind. “Whether I will be able to complete the task or not? What if I fail? What if I suffer a big loss? “

    These doubts and fears are negative emotions that are constantly hitting your subconscious mind. When you will start repeating positive affirmations to yourself, your mind will get rid of these fears and negative thoughts. And with time your mind will start to think positive. You will start to feel luckier and attract positivity in your life.

    You can repeat them throughout the day. Studies have shown that the best time for affirmations is morning when you wake up and at night when you are going to bed. Because in these times the brain is in the receptive state and will absorb affirmations more.

    Do not repeat the affirmations like robots. First, select the ones you like the most. The list should be small so that you can remember them easily. You need to understand the meaning of the affirmation.

    If you don’t understand the meaning you will not be able to absorb it. Be consistent, you cannot have the results unless you repeat them every day. You need to keep telling yourself that you are lucky over time you will start to feel that you are the luckiest person on earth.

    46 Affirmations for Good Luck:

    1. My fortune is bright and is in my favor.
    2. I permit myself to shine.
    3. I am a magnet that attracts luck.
    4. I am the creator of my life and my happiness.
    5. I am very lucky.
    6. My good luck is strengthening because of my positive actions.
    7. I have a creative mindset.
    8. Others refer to me as a lucky person.
    9. Whatever I do success starts to follow me from the very first day.
    10. Today will be the luckiest day of my life.
    11. I deserve the best and it comes to me in many ways.
    12. Every day I am attracting more luck into my life.
    13. The universe is also in my favor. Good luck is following me.
    14. Life always gives me what is best for me.
    15. Each day I attract more fortune into my life.
    16. I am so happy and grateful to God that he has made me so lucky.
    17. I am lucky to have a loving and supporting family.
    18. I am lucky to have nice friends who are always there for me whoever I need them.
    19. I am surrounded by good fortune.
    20. The best time of my life is now and yet to come.
    21. I enjoy all the good moments in life.
    22. I meditate every day to keep my mind clear and calm. So that I can take advantage of the opportunities that come my way.
    23. I am energetic and resourceful.
    24. I am always at the right place at the right time.
    25. People ask me what’s the secret behind my good luck and I always reply “staying positive and believing in myself.”
    26. My luck is incredible.
    27. Others are sometimes amazed at how lucky I am.
    28. I believe that if you share good things with others it comes back to you multiplied. I share my good fortune with others and it comes back to me multiplied.
    29. I help others when they need me.
    30. Fortune follows the ones who believe in it. I believe in my fortune.
    31. Because of my success, good jobs are constantly offered to me.
    32. Everyone wants to start their work with me because they think that I am lucky and the project will be a success.
    33. I expect the best and I get the best. That is the power of believing.
    34. God is the source of my good luck. I pray to him every day and he never stops the supply.
    35. I believe in my luck and it always works for me.
    36. People call me a lucky charm.
    37. I am lucky to attract money in my life.
    38. I am lucky to afford a great lifestyle for myself and my family.
    39. All the wealth in the world is coming to me and filling my pockets.
    40. The more I work hard the more I have luck.
    41. I believe that God has his special blessings on me. I am always able to choose what is right for me.
    42. I am thankful that I have everything in abundance in my life.
    43. I am not afraid to encounter any unexpected events. I know that I will deal with them as my luck is always with me.
    44. While doing anything, I always trust my gut feeling.
    45. I believe in my inner voice, it always shows me the right path.
    46. People want to make me a part of their social gatherings. I am the center of attention because of my good luck.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for Good Luck

    Positive affirmations for good luck can help you get rid of the fears and doubts that are hidden in your mind. These statements replace doubts with positive emotions. Soon you will start to notice the passivity in your life. You will be able to make better choices for yourself. You will feel lucky and it will follow you wherever you go.

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