38 Positive Affirmations to Attract Money TODAY

    Do you want to get rich by using positive affirmations to attract money? Do you want to make more money? Do you want wealth and abundance to follow you in your life?

    I don’t think any of you will say “no” because money is something with which you can buy anything. Every human being desires to make more and more money. Because money brings opportunities, comfort, ease, and the ability to live your life the way you want to.

    The question that comes into mind is that are you making enough money in your life right now?

    I am sure most of you do ask this to yourself. No matter how much you earn you always need more. You cannot control the desire to have more.

    You cannot attract wealth and abundance in your life if you don’t believe you deserve it. Yes, it’s the truth. When you think “I don’t deserve it” or “I am not worthy of it”. With time, these thoughts become your self-beliefs. And these beliefs are the hurdles that do not allow you to pursue your dreams. You don’t even realize how these beliefs destroy your chances of making more money.

    • I don’t want to….I am happy with the money I am earning.
    • It is not possible for me.
    • Money more than your need is evil.
    • Money cannot buy happiness.
    • Blaming your parents that they didn’t teach you to earn more money as they were not rich.

    You need to free your mind from all such self-limiting beliefs. Introduce yourself to positive affirmations to attract money.

    Positive affirmations don’t bring money into your life. But these are positive statements that train your mind to think positively. Once you start repeating them at regular intervals every day, they will help you explore more opportunities and use them to make ways to make more money.

    38 Positive Affirmations to Attract Money:

    1. I am worthy of making more money.
    2. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
    3. I welcome unlimited sources of income into my life.
    4. I have changed my mindset. I want to make money in abundance.
    5. I am open to accepting the offers that come to me to make more money.
    6. I have released all my negative thoughts. I just want to make more money so that I can improve my life standard.
    7. Money comes to me in easy ways and with less effort.
    8. I am a magnet that attracts money.
    9. I will use this money to make my life better and create opportunities for the others around me.
    10. I have aligned myself with the energy of abundance.
    11. I constantly attract opportunities to make money.
    12. My financial condition is getting better day by day.
    13. It gives me the joy to see my bank statements. It is a result of my constant hard work.
    14. Once I get rich I will fulfill all my dreams.
    15. I am not selfish I will use the money to make better lives for others around me.
    16. Money is a source with which you can buy all the luxuries of life. It brings joy and comfort.
    17. I am a money-making machine.
    18. Money and I have become best friends.
    19. I get so many ideas for making money every day.
    20. I am the master of my wealth.
    21. Money has expanded my life opportunities and experiences.
    22. Money has brought a positive change in my life.
    23. I have all the abilities to become rich and successful.
    24. I believe in myself and my abilities.
    25. I am smart, capable, and talented.
    26. I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.
    27. I am ready to share my success mantra with the world.
    28. I have the wisdom, the ideas, and the ability to become a millionaire.
    29. When I changed my way of thinking, miracles began to happen.
    30. I am financially independent.
    31. As I have reached a position due to my efforts, people come to me for advice on how to make money.
    32. I am proud of myself and all the things that I have accomplished.
    33. I don’t miss a single opportunity of making money.
    34. I am worthy of the positive changes in my life.
    35. When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I realized that the world is full of opportunities and everyone should explore them.
    36. Now my income is far more than my expenses. I don’t have to worry about my account balance anymore.
    37. I have the solutions to all the problems.
    38. I have enough wealth that my kids will be able to enjoy all the luxuries of life.

    Conclusion: Positive Affirmations to Attract Money

    Positive affirmations to attract money can be your money mantras. Positive affirmations don’t bring money into your life. Instead, they help you to reset your negative mindset towards money. When repeated regularly, they will empower you to search and explore the opportunities that will bring more money into your life.

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