21 I Am Grateful Affirmations That You Should Repeat Daily

    I am Grateful Affirmations that can help you change your life forever and be thankful for everything you have on a daily basis.

    “Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time; it’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it.”

    Life is not stable all the time. Some days bring joy, happiness, and success. On the other hand, some days bring pain, sorrow, and failure. At times life takes you to the top positions. And sometimes it throws you in a well of darkness and loneliness.

    Through the ups and downs of life, we encounter so many emotional stages. Sadness, happiness, sorrow, joy, stress, grief, and gratitude are all our emotions. It is natural to have these emotions as we are humans. The important thing is to release these emotions once the situation is over.

    Some of us have the habit of holding negative emotions. We don’t let them go. We don’t want to forget what has happened to us. Instead of learning from the mistake, we keep on blaming ourselves. At the time this blame game continues till we end up becoming a patient of stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Once a bad thing happens, the good practice is to let it go. Form your mind, from your heart, and your soul.

    One of the best ways to come out of such situations is to count the blessings that you already have. Start to notice in your surroundings there are so many people around you that love you, appreciate you, and are always there for you. Think that you are not alone. You have more than what you deserve. You need to be grateful for all these blessings.

    Gratefulness is the genuine feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the things that happen in your life. When you feel grateful, you are not only acknowledging the blessing but taking time to appreciate the impact the events made in your life.

    Appreciation doesn’t need to be for personal things alone. You can also feel grateful for things that happen for the common good. You can feel thankful for anything that touched your heart.

    Positive affirmations for gratefulness are a constant reminder of the blessings and their positive influence on your life. When you repeat these statements at regular intervals, it lifts your mood and brings in contentment. When you are feeling grateful for something good that happened to you, your self-esteem gets a big boost.

    When you keep on thinking about the negative events, you surround yourself with negativity and this negativity pushes you far away from happy feelings and positive thoughts, grateful affirmations can help bring you back on track. They help you focus on the blessings and keep your attention away from those occasional misfortunes. This is useful in avoiding stress, depression, and anxiety.

    According to the concept of the law of attraction, positivity attracts more positivity. This means, when you are feeling optimistic and happy, better things will come to you.

    One of the best ways is to start your day with positive affirmations for gratefulness. Adopting this habit every day will have a fresh start and you will stay positive throughout the day. Choose the affirmations that touch your heart and soul.

    You can read them aloud to yourself, you can make notes and stick them at the place where you can read them with ease, you can also record them on your cell phone and listen to them while working at home or driving to work. The choice is entirely yours.

    21 I Am Grateful Affirmations

    1. I am grateful that I am alive.
    2. I am thankful to God for all the things that he has blessed me with.
    3. I am grateful to all the people in my life. Who love me and are always there for me. It is because of you that I am not alone.
    4. I appreciate everything that I have in my life.
    5. I am grateful to all those who helped me in my life. They stood by me through my thick and thin.
    6. From now onwards I will start each day by being grateful.
    7. I am grateful that I am living a healthy life. I realize this when I see so many people suffering from dangerous diseases.
    8. I am grateful that I can enjoy all fruits and vegetables available to eat. I can enjoy them because I am healthy.
    9. I am thankful for the strength that I am blessed with. This gives me the power to fight with problems.
    10. I am thankful for the willpower I have that helps me survive at all odds.
    11. I am thankful that I can see the positive sides of every situation. This helps me to deal with them wisely.
    12. I am thankful for every opportunity that has come into my life.
    13. I am grateful for the family I have. I am nothing without their love and support.
    14. I am thankful that I am living the life of my dreams.
    15. I am grateful for every milestone that I have achieved in my life.
    16. I am thankful that I made mistakes. Because of those, I was able to learn and these experiences made me a better person.
    17. I am grateful that I can see the beauty and goodness of everything around me.
    18. I am grateful that God has made me realize that everything happens for a reason. And my life has a purpose.
    19. I am grateful when I see that so many people who do not have the blessings that I have. They don’t have food, clothes, and a home to live in. thank you God for blessing me with all these things.
    20. I choose to be grateful no matter what the circumstances are.
    21. I am grateful that I have so much to be thankful for.

    Conclusion: I am Grateful Affirmations

    Being grateful is one of the unique emotions that benefits both the giver and the receiver. Being thankful for the things you have gives you a feeling of joy and happiness throughout the day. It gives you a feeling of contentment. Positive affirmations can help you develop the habit of being grateful for all the blessings that you have.

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