47 Affirmations for Writers [Inspirational & Creative]

    These are some of my favorite affirmations for writers that I also use on a daily basis as a writer myself.

    “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny.”

    The job of a writer is quite tricky. Whether you are a blogger, a creative writer, or a book author you need powerful words to convey the meaning of the words to the reader.

    As a writer, you are aware of the power and importance of words. You can shape the entire universe with words. Even the entire reality can be changed with the help of words.

    Sometimes writers also lack motivation and concentration. They need a kick start. The use of positive affirmations can be helpful. They are a tool to overcome your negative emotions and feelings. Once you say positive words to yourself, this positivity will reflect in your writing too.

    Here are some of the ways you can make positive affirmations part of your routine:

    • You can make them your desktop or phone wallpaper.
    • You can say them aloud to yourself before starting your work.
    • You can make sticky notes and put them around your writing space.
    • You can put them in your writing documents file. So that when you open your file you read them first.

    You can choose positive affirmations of your choice from below:

    1. Witing is the most magical thing in the world.
    2. I am creating something beautiful.
    3. When I start writing, words come to my mind easily and freely.
    4. I am mastering the art of storytelling.
    5. I let my imagination lead me when I am writing.
    6. I love my style of writing.
    7. My mind is so creative, I can think about a story in minutes.
    8. I am a writer and my words are precious.
    9. My story will be a best seller. People will remember my books forever.
    10. Writing is in my blood, I can’t resist my passion for writing.
    11. My imagination is vast and beautiful.
    12. My inspiration is limitless.
    13. When I practice writing, I am allowing my soul to grow.
    14. I get inspiration from my surrounding, and then I make stories in my mind. Such stories are bestsellers.
    15. My creativity is limitless.
    16. Writing is an effortless and natural thing to me.
    17. Great ideas come to me naturally.
    18. It is easy for me to give words to anything I feel.
    19. I love coming up with new ideas.
    20. I love to write about current situations.
    21. I am inspired to write.
    22. I am learning to become a better writer.
    23. My writing is improving day by day.
    24. I gladly accept constructive criticism. I believe that it is a way I can know about my mistakes and correct them in future projects.
    25. I am constantly attracting new opportunities in my life.
    26. There is amazing writing potential inside me.
    27. I am a highly skilled and creative writer.
    28. Once I start a project, I do not give up. I try to finish it within the deadline.
    29. I believe that I can make a difference with my writing skills.
    30. I am becoming a more confident writer with time.
    31. I share important messages through my writing.
    32. I believe that the best way to communicate to a large audience is through writing. I am blessed to do this job.
    33. As a writer, it is my responsibility to write content that can bring change to the way people think. This can be a big help to change the mindset of people.
    34. I am committed and loyal to my writing career.
    35. I am a magnet that attracts words.
    36. I am motivated and focused on my writing.
    37. My written stories make a connection with the reader. They feel like becoming a part of my stories.
    38. I know what the audience wants and I try my best to come up to their expectations.
    39. My writing is a stream of feeling that flows into the reader’s heart.
    40. My writing skills are a gift of God and I thank him for this precious gift.
    41. I am blessed that I can convey my thoughts and feelings through writing.
    42. The editors love my work and are looking forward to when I complete my upcoming work.
    43. Through my writing skills, I can afford a comfortable living.
    44. I keep an eye on the harsh realities of society. I portray them in my writings. So that such issues can be highlighted to the common man.
    45. Rejections are not setbacks. They are temporary. I dare to stand up and write again.
    46. Sometimes people might not agree with my thoughts. But that is okay. My job is to convey my message. Not to please everyone.
    47. Writing is my passion. I cannot live without writing.

    Conclusion: Affirmations for Writers

    Writing is a tough job. Writers sometimes lack motivation in their work. Positive affirmations are a great help when you feel low and lack motivation. These statements help your mind to stay positive and motivated so that you can give your best.

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